Best radio apps for the i pad

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  • 1. Best Radio Apps ForThe iPad

2. Music lovers have found a new way to access the latest musicreleases and songs by their favorite artists. There can benothing more convenient than accessing one of the manyradio stations Applications downloaded on their iPaddevices. It can be a challenge to identify the radio applications forthe iPad device considering that there are so many radioapps in the market today. iPad users have many with manydifferent types of apps to choose from to listen to their favoriteradio station programs. This article throws light on some of the best radio apps for theiPad device. 3. Action Radio Action Radio is a free app that streams over 10,000 radiostations with music belonging to different genres and fromartists from various countries. The application offers somecool features that set it apart from other competing apps. Theapplication allows users to view the image of the artistas theirsong is being played. The app also allows users to watch avideo of the artist when they click on the artists image. Userscan effortlessly create a favorites list by tapping on the radiostations that they like. 4. Tuner2 HiFi Radio Tuner2HiFi is a great radio app that streams a select numberof internet radio stations, providing both quality music anduser-friendly features to music lovers. The radio station appstreams high quality music due to the high-fidelity FraunhoferMPEG-4 HE-AACv2 decoder. The best part about Tuner2HiFi Radio is that it allows users toshare the songs or music with friends on social networkingwebsites like Twitter and Facebook. Users can even chooseto tag certain songs or music and purchase them later fromthe iTunes Store. 5. Aweditorium The Aweditorium app allows users to discover great musicand access information about the artist. This cool app letsusers access the biography, song lyrics, social media linksand videos just by tapping on the artists image even as themusic is playing. This app truly focuses on providing anawesome experience to iPad users by making use of the keyfeatures of the iPad. 6. Pandora Radio Pandora Radio allows users to customize their playlist withease by responding with a thumbs-up or down for a particulartrack. The app then selects music that closely matches thetastes of the user and starts playing the shortlisted music. 7. Wunder Radio Wunder Radio is another great app that offers access toseveral different radio stations. This app also allows musiclovers to do geo-location tagging for local listings. The range of radio apps available in the market makes it achallenging task to choose the best radio app to download.This article throws light on some of the best radio station appsavailable for the iPad device.