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  • 1. Mid and tracking shot, below the waist of the singer on a longboard, lasting 3 seconds. Long shot of Alex sat on a bench, lasting 2 seconds.

2. Close up of Alex, looking around, lasting 2 seconds. Long shot of the band performing, lasting 3 seconds. 3. Extreme close up of a guitar or bass being played, lasting 2 seconds. Mid/Long shot of singer skating past Alex, passing a drink to her, lasting 1-2 seconds. 4. Extreme close up/ point of view shot of singer passing Alex the drink lasting 1 second. Mid shot of Alex resting her head on the singers shoulder, lasting 2 seconds. 5. Extreme close up of the singer performing the first line of the song, lasting 3 seconds. Close up/ focus pull to show the whole of the singers face, lasting 2 seconds. 6. Tilted angle, tracking shot of the couple walking on a field, lasting 2 seconds. Mid shot of the couple going to kiss, then the singer opens the drink, lasting 1 second. 7. Close up of Alex smiling, looking at the singer, lasting 1 second. Close up of the singer, looking at Alex, drinking, lasting 2 seconds. 8. Low angle tilt towards stage lighting lasting 2 seconds. Close up of the neck of the guitar being played, lasting 1 second. 9. Long shot, from a low angle of the couple walking through a street, towards the camera, lasting 2 seconds. Long shot of Alexs father waiting outside the front door, lasting 1-2 seconds. 10. Mid shot of Alexs dad, grabbing her wrist, taking her into the house 2-3 seconds. Close up of the singer looking concerned, lasting 1 second. 11. Close up of Alex crying, looking back at the singer, lasting 1 second. Tilted angle, long shot of the door slamming shut, lasting 1-2 seconds. 12. Extreme long shot of the singer stood alone, with his back to the camera, lasting 2 seconds. Close up, arced around the drum kit, lasting 2 seconds. 13. Mid shot of Alex and her father arguing, lasting 2 seconds varied shots lasting longer). Close up of the fathers face, whilst shouting, lasting 2 seconds. 14. Overall Idea For The Video. At the beginning of the video, I am aiming to show a strong relationship between the singer and Alex. As the lyrics come into the track, the performance based part of the video will begin to be shown. Towards the sound bridge, the singer will walk Alex home, her father, waiting outside the house then takes her inside, showing an argument starting between them about her relationship and the way she chooses to look like, which her father does not agree with. The theme of domestic violence will be shown, as Alex escapes, going to the singers house as their relationship will be shown towards the end, being stronger due to the way other men in her life treat her.