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  • 1. Story boards
  • 2. Original storyboards on paper
  • 3. Digital I have taken the time to turn our original storyboards in to digital ones. This is because they will be easier to access and I can become familiar with the plan for when we begin filming. This will make it easier on the day as I can download the storyboards onto my phone, this is quicker than flicking through lots of pieces of paper. Plus the paper will not be damaged or lost because well be filming in the woods I can keep the originals at home.
  • 4. Page 8 The nightmare will then be running towards the box where the girl has fallen. The girl closes the box and the nightmare has disappeared. The girl then looks in to the mirror of the box and sees she has the nightmare make up on herself. Which she then drops the box and runs away. ( we are hoping to film the mirror to catch the girl running away.)