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Page 1: Storyboard for video


Page 2: Storyboard for video

Scene 1• This scene shows the two

different house that the two characters live at.

• The girl owns the big house who the boyfriend bought for her.

• The huge council flat is where the boyfriend lives while he works hard to take care of his girlfriend.

Page 3: Storyboard for video

Scene 2• This scene will have a close up view

point of both of the characters getting money.

• The boy will reach for his coins while the girls pulls out lots of cash.

• This scene shows how poor the boy is and how wealthy the girl is.

Page 4: Storyboard for video

Scene 3

• This scene will show the boy standing next to his old car while the girl walks towards him in her expensive clothing such as heels, skirt etc.

• She comes over and asks for some money but the boy only has change for her so she gets annoyed and leaves.

Page 5: Storyboard for video

Scene 4• This scene will show the differences

between the clothes both characters where.

• The scene also shows how the boy begs the girl to continue going out with him.

Page 6: Storyboard for video

Scene 4

• In this scene it will be a dancing scene

Page 7: Storyboard for video

Scene 5This scene will consist of pictures of celebrities

who are perceived to be gold diggers.

Page 8: Storyboard for video

Scene 6• This will be the end credit of the

video.• It will have the names of the people

involved in the video.