Video Basics

Storyboard & video notes

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Page 1: Storyboard & video notes

Video Basics

Page 2: Storyboard & video notes

Your Campaign Should Include...

• Problem• Team background & journey• Solution & demo• Needs & rewards• Next Steps• Call to action

Think about...Which ideas are best expressed throughvideo? How about through text or pictures?

Page 3: Storyboard & video notes

Your Video Should...• Establish rapport with your audience• Make your project personable• Be fun, upbeat, and inspiring • Include who you are, why you care, why they

should care, and how you will deliver on your promise.

Page 4: Storyboard & video notes

Video Storyline

• What discovery made you start your project?• What are you doing about it? How far along

are you?• What do you need to make it happen? • How will you use the money you receive?• Ask for money and social media shares• A vision of the future you'll help create• How will you update your audience?• Thank people for helping you

Page 5: Storyboard & video notes

Evaluate Your Video

• Do you engage people in the first 15-30 seconds?

• Do you appear comfortable?• Can people see how motivated you are?• Are the benefits of what you're offering clear?• Is what you are asking for clear and why?• Does your video communicate the quality you

want associated with your work?

Page 6: Storyboard & video notes

Fore more detailed instructions and ideas for your video, check out