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<ul><li> 1. Staff Favorite Films<br />UVM Media Resources Department <br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Annes Favorite Movies <br />The Raiders of the Lost Ark DVD 5031<br />The U.S. vs. John Lennon DVD 5496 <br />Nanook of the North DVD 325<br />Battle for Algiers DVD 2763 <br />Sunset Boulevard DVD 3688 <br />Michael Clayton DVD 5403<br />Shut Up &amp; Sing DVD 5004<br />Art of the Steal DVD 4856<br />12 Angry Men DVD 1654 <br />Mulan DVD 317<br /> 3. Chris Favorite Movies<br />The Pursuit of Happyness DVD 7155<br />The Vanishing Oath DVD 8024<br />Coming to America DVD 4131 <br />A Christmas Story DVD 3721<br />Good Will Hunting DVD 231<br />The Soloist DVD 6820 <br />Good Hair DVD 7420 <br />Rocky DVD 492<br /> 4. Chris Favorite Movies <br />The Social Network DVD 7950 <br />The Kings Speech DVD 8090 <br />For Colored Girls DVD 8031<br />The Godfather DVD 1155 <br />Funny Girl DVD 8074 <br />Dreamgirls DVD 5580<br />Goldfinger DVD 230<br />Inception DVD 7912 <br />Ali DVD 1341<br /> 5. Loris Favorite Movies<br />The Heartbreak Kid DVD 923<br />Drugstore Cowboy DVD 1347<br />A Serious Man DVD 7278 <br />Hoop Dreams DVD 4520<br />The Graduate DVD 23<br />Tin Men DVD 2017<br />Sugar DVD 6684<br />Casino DVD 133<br /> 6. Loris Favorite Movies<br />It Happened One Night DVD 1854<br />Midnight Cowboy DVD 299 <br />Roman Holiday DVD 3278<br />Cinema Paradiso DVD 912<br />Being There DVD 3079 <br />Goodfellas DVD3225<br />Election DVD 1725<br />Z DVD7069<br /> 7. Loris Favorite Movies<br />The Garden of the Finzi-Continis DVD 2251<br />The Bridge on the River Kwai DVD 2248<br />Three Days of the Condor DVD 4423<br />Dog Day Afternoon DVD 176<br />Dear Frankie DVD 6015<br />The Hustler DVD1179<br />Salesman DVD 2113 <br /> 8. Loris Favorite Movies<br />Aguirre, the Wrath of God DVD 1400<br />McCabe &amp; Mrs. Miller DVD 1509 <br />Touching the Void DVD 3040<br />I Like Killing Flies DVD 6023<br />Spellbound DVD 2746<br />Dead Man DVD1334 <br />Nashville DVD 1142 <br /> 9. Loris Favorite Movies<br />Loris Favorite Movies<br /></p> <ul><li>In the Heat of the Night DVD 2176 </li></ul> <p> 10. When We Were Kings DVD 590 11. Whats Up, Doc ? DVD 1783 12. Every Little Step DVD 7047 13. The Pawnbroker DVD 8270 </p>