Nina P. Hong  Favorite Color: Red  Favorite Food: Lasagna  Favorite T.V. Show: 24  Favorite Season: all of them except Season 6  Favorite Subject:

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Text of Nina P. Hong  Favorite Color: Red  Favorite Food: Lasagna  Favorite T.V. Show: 24 ...

  • Nina P. Hong

    Favorite Color: RedFavorite Food: LasagnaFavorite T.V. Show: 24Favorite Season: all of them except Season 6Favorite Subject: English, MathFavorite Book: Harry Potter SeriesFavorite Place: Playa Blanca, ColombiaFavorite Song: Last Kiss by Pearl JamFavorite Activity: ReadingFavorite Person: My hubbieFavorite Holiday: Halloween

  • My Personal Number MuseumBirthday: January Height in Inches: 62Time you were born: No ideaPhone Number: (352) 846-5156Address Number: 2911 SW 13th ST Apt #49Favorite Number: 8Shoe Size: 8- 8

  • My Special EventMy husband and I just got back from Cartagena, Colombia, the place I was born. It is on the coast and is surrounded by islands. It was my husbands first time in Colombia. It was beautiful! We had a great timeexcept for the fact that I got my wisdom teeth taken out the last week we were there. Ouch!!!

  • 5 Things I Want My Class To Know About Me I like to have funlearning should be about having fun!I believe in doing more than what it is required. I am down to earth and friendly. I am not a morning person I believe I can achieve anythingthrough persistence, dedication, and hard work.

  • My 2007 GoalsPlease write three goals you have for this year. Goals are things you want to happen this year. Goals are promises you make to yourself. You will be working towards these goals all year. 1. Keep my priorities straightthere are some things that are more important than others. I hope this year I can focus on those aspects of my life that are the most important. 2. Do well in school. Learn because I want to learn and not worry so much about the grades.3. Work Out!