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100% Natural luxury Spa products for your home and body

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  • 1. Slas NaturalsLittle luxuries made with thought.In the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, CanadaOur products are hand crafted with raw ingredients. Sourced as close to theearth as possible.

2. The Health & Environmental FactorsOfSoy and Paraffin Wax SoyParaffinHealth BenefitsHealth ConcernsBecause soy wax is just hydrogenated Paraffin candles contain petroleum bysoybean oil, it is natural, biodegradable, product that has actually been shown tonon-toxic, and perfectly harmless to the be toxic and carcinogenic. In fact,environment, not to mention children paraffin candles are believed to be asand pets. Soy candles are less likely to dangerous when burned as secondgive users an allergic reaction. Soy ishand tobacco smoke. These may lead tosafe for your skin, and soy candles areincreased risk of cancer, neurologicalsafe to touch while burning, because and behavioral deficits and acutethey are a natural product. Also,aggravation of existing respiratorybecause it is water soluble, spills anddiseases such as asthma. Emissions instains can be cleaned up with soap and the home are estimated to stick aroundwater. for up to 10 hours after extinguishing a candle. Some paraffin candles may stillEnvironmental Benefits even use lead wicks.Soy Candles will save you money due tothem lasting 50% longer than other Environmental Concernscandles because soy bean wax burns atParaffin is the final residue left froma lower temperature. As a crop, soyrefining crude oil. The oil industriesbeans are a renewable resource and domake a healthy profit from its use withnot harm the environment as it iscosmetics and candles. Paraffin wax is abiodegradable and helps support localnon-renewable resource. Once all theagricultural growth. Most Soy andcrude oil is gone, we will not have anyvegetable wax is produced right here inmore. Paraffin burns more quickly andNorth America. hotter than most waxes creating more concern for fire hazards than necessary. Because it is oil-based, paraffin wax spills do not clean up easily. Derived from petroleum, a limitedSoy wax is made from soybeans andresource vegetables, both renewable resources.The burning of paraffin waxcontributes to indoor airSoy wax burns much cleaner and contamination by emitting petro- purer as it is all natural, non-toxic, chemicals causing soot deposits and and non-hazardous. carcinogenic particulate matter.This wax is biodegradable leading toThis wax contains petroleum by- reduced landfills. products and additives that inhibitbiodegradability. 3. Key IngredientsJojoba OilShea ButterHelps promote healing of Contains Vitamins A , E & F.the skin. Helps diminish wrinkles, Cleans clogged pores andpromoting renewal &restores skins natural pHincreasing circulation. Helpsbalance protect again UV rays. Important nutrients such as Balances skin tone.vitamin E, B complexvitamins, and the mineralssilicon, chromium, copperand zinc. and iodine.Coconut Oil Contains Gallic Acid, LauricAcid, Monoglycerides,Beeswax Vitamin E & K. Iron. Best feature is its Vitamin Has antioxidant properties.A. A key element forWhich helps preventhuman cell development. premature aging. Sooths and softens skin. Treats Psoriasis & Eczema. Healing agent designed forburns, cuts and otherwounds.Castor Oil Heals age spots, boils,Olive Oilwarts, skin keratosis, Anti Oxidantstretch marks, age spots, Relieves dry skin.relieves itching. Anti Aging properties Helps with acne, dry or Contains Chlorophyllcracked skin. Ricinoleic acid is the maincomponent of castor oil,and it exerts anti-inflammatory effects. 4. 100% NATURAL SOY WAX CANDLESSlas Naturals Soy Wax CITRUS BLOSSOM UPC: 8 83161 11111 8Candles are a hand-poured all- Item: SCBC-11111natural wax blend of soy, palm,This scent is sure to satisfy any citrus lover.beeswax and other naturalWith a 100% natural fresh fragrance blend of fruity Lemon, Orange, Tangerine andwaxes and oils. These waxesCitrus notes, this candle gives off a sweetcomefromrenewableand sugary lemon drop scent.agricultural sources and do not COOL MINTcontain petrochemicals. We doUPC: 8 83161 11101 9 Inot use synthetic dyes or UV tem: SCMC-11101inhibitors. Our collections areThis icy cool scent will improve concentration and reduce mental fatigue. With its purerichly scented with all naturaltherapeutic grade Menthol, Peppermint,fragrance blends orpureSpearmint, Eucalyptus,Lavenderandessential oils. Our candlesRosemary essential oils, this scent is sure todeliver long, clean, completegive your body an energizing effect.burns, great scent dispersal,ORANGE & CLOVEand excellent quality and value. UPC: 8 83161 11102 6 Item: SOCC-11102We use high quality, lead free Everyone loves oranges! This scent is greatwicks made from cotton and for the kitchen or a nice pick me up. Itunbleached paper.warms in the winter and refreshes in theSlas Naturals Soy Wax summer.Contains therapeuticgradeCandles have a burn time of 24 essential oils of; Sweet Orange, Tangerine, Lemongrass, Clove and Cassia.hours. Tin is recyclable withfood grade tins. SWEET GRASS & BERRY UPC: 8 83161 11106 4 Item: SGBC-11106 A touch of the wild. The complex notes of this scent will never grow tiresome as there is always something new to discover. Reminiscent of grass, pine and sun-warmed berries. A complex scent of Gurjun Balsam oil, Labdanum Resin, Sandalwood oil, Rose Flower oil, Guaiac Wood oil, Balsam Tolu Resin, Patchouli oil, and Ylang Ylang Flower oil. LAVENDER FIELDS UPC: 8 83161 11107 1 Item: SLFC-11107 Why not try a balancing act? Over 60% Lavender essential oil and natural fragrance notes of Caraway, Mint, and Dill enhance Lavender Fields cleansing effects in the air. With essential oils of Lavender, Lavandin, Lemon peel, Peppermint, Amyris Bark, Bergamot Fruit, Caraway Seed, Carrot Seed, Cedar wood Bark, and Dill. 5. Organic Lip BalmsWe have done it! Organic Lipbalm is available for you in 5COOL MINTgreat flavors: Cool Mint, Honey UPC: 8 83161 11001 2Item: SCML-11001& Lemon, Orange & Clove,Leave your lips tingling andPineapple & Coconut and moisturized with theinvigorating refreshment ofWatermelon! Our silky, smooth therapeutic grade essentialand rich lip balms contain: oils of Peppermint, Menthol,Spearmint, Eucalyptus and Organic Beeswax Rosemary. This lip balm alsohas anti-fungal and Organic Jojoba Oilantibacterial properties Organic Shea Butter Organic Coconut OilWATERMELON Organic Grape seed OilUPC: 8 83161 11012 8 Organic Soy, Olive andItem: SWML-11012Feel nostalgic with the Castor Oilssummery sweetness of this Organic Aloe Vera and refreshing lip balm containing Rosemary Extract natural Watermelon flavour. Essential Oils or Natural FlavourORANGE & CLOVEUPC: 8 83161 11002 9 Natural Vitamin E Item: SOCL-11002Made with therapeutic gradeessential oils of Sweet Orange,Tangerine, Lemongrass, Cloveand Cassia. It will leave yourlips revitalized & refreshed.PINEAPPLE & COCONUTUPC: 8 83161 11013 5Item: SPCL-11013Your lips will love the fresh,sweet taste of natural Pineappleand Coconut flavours in thismoisturizing lip balm.HONEY & LEMONUPC: 8 83161 11004 3Item: SHLL-11004This old-fashioned combinationis reminiscent of Grandmaskitchen. It includes organicHoney flavour and pure Lemonessential oil. 6. 100% NATURAL BODY BALMSWhat you want to put on your body: quality,natural ingredients, created with thought andcrafted with care. Our Body Balms are madewith raw ingredients sourced as close to theearth as possible, such as:COOL HEAT MUSCLE RUB UPC: 8 83161 11315 0 Item: SCHB-11315Organic Beeswax This all-natural rub is great for sore, achy muscles. Apply directlyOrganic Jojoba Oil to sore muscles and the HotOrganic Shea Butter essential oils of Camphor, Clove,Organic Coconut Oil Cajuput,Black PepperandOrganic Grape seed OilCayenne Pepper blended withOrganic Soy, Olive & Castor OilsCold MentholcrystalsandOrganic Aloe Vera & Rosemary ExtractPeppermint deliver effective anti-Pure Essential Oils inflammatory and analgesic relief.Natural Vitamin E 80% Organic.Natural Rose Hip Fruit Oil The largest organ of the CHAMOMILE RESCUE SKINhuman body, our skin, BALMThese 100 %absorbs everything it UPC: 8 83161 11305 1Natural products comes into contact with.Item: SCRB-11305were created withWater, sunlight, oxygen Soothe and relieve irritated skina holistic approach and the products we withinkyblueMoroccanto your bodysuse. Our all-natural Body Balms are made Chamomile, Arnica extract andhealth, targeting 5Aloe extract. With essential oils with raw ingredientsneeds of the whole of Tea Tree, Lavender, Benzoin, nurtured by the sun andbody: everydaysourced as close to theSweet Birch and Rosemary. Thismoisturizing, sore Earth as possible. Allbalm is anti-fungal, antibacterialmuscles, achingbalms contain pureand analgesic. 89% Organic.feet, damaged or essential oils, organicmature skin andOlive Oil, organic Golden COOL MINT FOOT BALMirritated or sensitive Jojoba Oil, organic UPC: 8 83161 11301 3skin.Castor Oil, organic SheaItem: SMFB-11301 Butter, organic Beeswax Soothe and protect your feet and organic Coconut Oil.from cracking and roughness with oils of Menthol, Peppermint and Spearmint. This Foot Balm is moisturizing and anti-fungal. JASMINE & GERANIUM85% Organic. UPC: 8 83161 11314 3 Item: SJGB-11314CYPRESS & ANISE Ideal for mature or damaged UPC: 8 83161 11303 7 skin. This body balm is creamyItem: SCYB-11303 with wax of Jasmine petals andAn all-purpose,all-over fragrantwith Bourbonmoisturizing body balm. Rich Geranium, Patchouli, Lavender,scents of black liquorice and Benzoin, Sweet Orange and woodsy cypress with top notes Rosemary. 89% Organic.of orange tree leaves. 95% Organic. 7. Natural Soy Massage Bars Slas Massage Bars are enriched withnatural moisturizing butters and intoxicating essential oils that melt on your bare warm skin. Without the mess of traditional massage oils thesebars are non-greasy, convenient, and dont stain. Your skin with be left silky