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QUESTION 3 What kind of media institution might distribute your media product?

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What kind of media institution might distribute

your media product?

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The two main producers and distributers of magazines in the media institution I found out from research, these two main producers are, IPC media and EMAP.

Most magazines are produced by IPC, which is the most popular media institution.

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IPC Media produces over 60 iconic media brands, with print alone reaching almost two thirds of UK women and 42% of UK men – almost 26 million UK adults – while our websites collectively reach over 20 million users every month.

Whilst IPC Media (then IPC Magazines) was formed in 1968, the company's history goes back as far as 1799

IPC's diverse print and digital portfolio offers something for everyone, with a focus on three core audiences: men, mass market women and upmarket women. 

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EMAP Emap is a business-to-business multiplatform media group, whose

brands inform, inspire and connect within the sectors they operate in. For millions of people across the globe involved in the built environment, retail, media, fashion, health, education, government and automotive sectors, Emap provides essential news, analysis and access.

Emap maintains an undiluted focus on content and product quality across online and offline publications, conferences, awards, exhibitions, festivals, data and intelligence services. This enables the sharing of best practice, ideas and inspiration, for better, more timely, more informed decisions. Emap gives business professionals the commercial understanding and access to the people and organisations they need to do their jobs better.

Emap’s ethos is routed in innovation, in making brave decisions for a better offering that meet and exceed customer demands intelligently and proactively. We are committed to giving those who rely on us the best in networking, information or stimulation.

We depend on the imagination and passion of our people to invent and develop our brands, and drive our business forward. Personal accountability is at the centre of Emap, which means Emap employees are empowered to create the kind of timely, dynamic products our customers find essential.

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MAGAZINE I HAVE BEEN STUDYINGI have been studying vibe magazine. It seems like there would be a good chance of the same media institution which produces and distributes vibe, to distribute my magazine, as they are both very similar media products.

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VIBE MAGAZINE Vibe is a music and entertainment magazine founded by

producer Quincy Jones. The publication predominantly features R&B and hip-hop music artists, actors and other entertainers. After shutting down production in Summer 2009, Vibe was purchased by the private equity investment fund InterMedia Partners and is now issued quarterly with double covers, with a larger online presence, aided by the Vibe Lifestyle Network, a group of entertainment/music websites under the Vibe brand. The magazine's target demographic is predominantly young, urban followers of hip-hop culture.

The magazine owed its success to featuring a broader range of interests than its closest competitors The Source and XXL which focus more narrowly on rap music, or the rock & pop-centric Rolling Stones and Spin. As of 2007, Vibe had a circulation of approximately 800,000. Advertisers ran the gamut from record labels to Fashion houses to various Cognac brands.

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VIBE MEDIA COMPANY Vibe Media moves markets by developing new business

concepts with the use of multi channel marketing.

Creativity and technology have become each others flywheel. The media landscape has become scattered and the players' cards are being reshuffled. Strategies tend to have a much shorter life cycle and media consumption patterns change rapidly. Building authentic and effective relationships has become more vital then ever before.

In such dynamic settings Vibe Media is reinventing online business models that build long term value for both businesses and customers. If this appeals to your business we will help you find the most effective market approach for your company.

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When talking about IPC, and vibe media institutions, although Vibe Media produces and deals with ‘Vibe Magazine’ which is my main inspiration throughout this magazine coursework, I feel this is a private institution, so I may not take the risk of my media product of being unsuccessful, therefore I would think IPC would distribute my magazine, as it’s a larger and more well-known institution, which distributes magazines, such as Hip hop magazines, and so I think they would be able to take on my magazine, as its similar to some of their already established magazines they distribute and produce.