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  1. 1. Stephanie Head
  2. 2. Greetings loved ones, lets take a journey the song opens with this lyric by Snoop dogg, it involves the aundience Daisy dukes, bikinis on top This lyrics describes the stereotype of a California girl and includes voyeurism as they are seen to be in not a lot of clothing. Toned, tanned, fit and ready These are other lyrics in the song describing what the girls are like and make other girls believe this is what they should inspire to look like. These lyrics are said by Snoop Dogg a male singer which makes the audience believe men like California girls.
  3. 3. Katy is wearing a number of outfits and they make the audience interested because they are different and the fact she also looks good in them make people want to watch as well. The setting is in what looks like a fairy tale. The cotton candy clouds and chocolate lake makes it appealing to watch. It makes California look like the best place to be and everything there is good, and nothing beats it. When katy uses the squirty cream as a gun, it makes her seem feisty and fierce.
  4. 4. This song is a pop song, it includes a happy beat and the bright colours in the video match this. The video is involved with all up beat and lively atmosphere which makes the video enjoyable to watch.
  5. 5. The video has many close up shots of katy perry showing the audience how good she looks. There is a camera shot of her laying on a cloud without clothes which make the audience believe California girls are daring and voyerism is used here as this is what men would like to watch her like.
  6. 6. The video has a lot of editing in it. The setting looks like a cartoon fairy tale like background. There are many clouds and for example the live ginger bread man which make the video look like a fantasy to the audience. The fact katy at the beginning is picked up and put down like a toy insinuates that girls are man handled and allow men to control them