Famous people in Estonia

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  • 1. Famous people in Estonian Ann Lisete Kristiine 2012

2. Inventors

  • The Skype software was created in Tallinn, Estonia by EstoniansAhti Heinla, Priit Kasesalu and Jaan Tallinn


  • Lactobacillus fermentum ME-3 related products was discovered by lady microbiologist Epp Songisepp in 2001


  • Minox Camera was invented by Walter Zapp in 1936. Althoughborn as Latvian,Walter started to develop his camera in Tallinn

5. Writers

  • Kalevipoeg (Kalevs Son) is Estonian national epic byFriedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald

6. Poets

  • Juhan Liiv (30.04 1864 1.12 1913) is one of the most famous poets in Estonia. He has said kes minevikku ei mleta elab tulevikuta ( who does not remember the past is living without the future)


  • Lydia Emilie Florentine Jannsen ,known after herpen name Lydia Koidula was anEstonian poet. She wason the top of Estonian 100 kroon

8. Models

  • Johann Urb was born in Tallinn, Estonia and he is famous model in America
  • Carmen Kass is an Estonianmodelwho is famous all over the world

9. Conductors

  • Neeme Jrvi
  • Eri Klas

10. Composer

  • Arvo Prt (born 11 September 1935 )is anEstonian classical composer

11. Ballerinas

  • Age OksandToomas Edurare the most famous ballerinas in Estonia and also they are famous in the world