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RE-INTRODUCINGPowerful Content for E-commerce

At Choosly, we believe we can make the fast growing online shopping world and experience better.

Im Rory, and Im proud to be a co-founder of Choosly.1What makes it sell?

2This, is a grill.

And this, is a George Forman Grill, and the grill that you buy.

Professional/product affiliation sells. It has been proven time and time again.


Sports sponsorship rights - 2012(MEENAGHAN 2013)Brand

3The sports brands alone invest big.

But why would sports brands spend, if that relationship isnt known about at the POS?

Cut-OutsPostersGraphicsBRICKS & MORTARTraditional Retail

Pamphlets4Well, walk yourself into any B & M store, and what youll find is powerful engaging content. Its there to influence you and its there because it works.

So whats going on Online?

Whats Missing Online?5Where is the 50bn worth of pre-existing sporting greatness that drives the sales.

So at Choosly, Were building a content platform, and we provide the retailers with plugins to deliver the content to the POS online.


6Professional players, and their images.

Reviews and Stats

7Reviews and



Conversion Uplift and Market100%


(IBIS WORLD) 11.6%9Its powerful content, and it works.

Retailers have tested content boosting strategies before, and they report conversion increases in excess of 100%.

BRAND POWER!APPLEBYIS WINNING TODAYThe brands have never before seen instant message control.10

BRAND POWER!MICKELSONIS WINNING TOMORROWThe brands have never before seen instant message control.11How?

Content+Licencing+Product = $$+=

12The how?

Key partnerships with big brands and organisations.

With this formula we can solve the licensing & distribution headaches, and create truly valuable content.CPM MODELDistributionDistribution

Were dominating the Australian market. Through our dealing with the largest Sport retail group in the country.13DistributionDistribution


100%Post investment, we will be releasing the content as a pure SAAS model,

with the goal to be able to provide endorsement content at each and every corner of the web.14TeamTeamFounders Advisors

RORY HOUSTONEx Air ForceFighter PilotProperty Developer

DAVID BOYDIBMPortals & Integration ANDREW BOGUT#1 NBA Draft PickOne Mgmt GroupBRUCE KAIDERSports Market Guru One Mgmt Group

JAMES ASHWORTHFounder VBM>20 Web StoresLicensing/Sport

LUCAS TEx Air ForceHighly AwardedSupply Chain Expert15We have an incredibly focused and dedicated sports passionate team:

Fighter pilot and business owner

Deep understanding of retail logistics

An IBM programmer with vast B2B application experience.

Weve got the first ever Australian All-NBA star, a sports management expert and the operator behind over 20 online sports retail stores in Australia. Its perfect!$600,000$600,

16Prior to leaving Australia we received a term sheet for the entire round, but the benefits to the company of relocating and raising in the US were obvious so weve relocated to explore the opportunities.ANGEL.CO/CHOOSLYGUST.COM/C/CHOOSLY

Which is why were here.

Thank you.17