Anielle And Melissa Pitch

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Text of Anielle And Melissa Pitch

  • 1. Anielle and Melissa A Media Presentation

2. The Genre

  • Teen Movie- Rom Com

3. Repertoire of Elements

  • Stock Characters
  • The normal girl
  • The best friend
  • The gang of friends
  • The hot guy
  • The mean girl

4. The Normal Girl 5. The Best Friend 6. The Gang of Friends 7. Hot Guy 8. The Mean Girl 9. Stock Narratives

  • The love triangle
  • School life
  • Dreams and ambitions
  • Fish out of water

10. Stock Settings

  • College
  • Home Life
  • Parks

11. Iconography

  • Make- Up
  • Music
  • Partying

12. The Main Character 16-17 years old Dysfunctional family Nothing special Easy to pick on Fancies hottest guy in schoolFalling behind at school Aspirations to be in journalism career Favourite lesson English Language Close to her friends Name: Emily 13. Audience & Budget

  • 12A
  • Teenagers- mainly girls
  • Films they enjoy- comedies, drama, teen, romance
  • Low budget- filming mostly at school and house. New undiscovered actress- next big thing- to play the leading role.
  • Budget is 75k

14. Institutions

  • Produced by Film 4
  • Its low budget, based in the UK
  • Nowhere Boy, Slumdog Millionaire and many more.

15. Syd Fields Theory

  • Act 1
  • Emily walking to school with her best friend going to go meet up with her gang of friends.
  • As she is walking and complaining about her bad night of listening to her parents rows she walks into the prettiest girl in school, who hates her. She is standing with the hottest guy in school who Emily fancies.

16. Plot Point 1

  • Hot guy asks mean girl out = Emily extremely jealous and upset.

17. Act 2

  • Hot guy starts to hang out with Emily and they spend a lot of time together.

18. Plot 2

  • Mean girl is jealous of Emily and starts to embarrass her in front of all her friends.

19. Act 3

  • Hot guy sees that Mean girl is being horrible and then dumps her for Emily. Emily is happy.

20. The Opening

  • The Everyday Hero Introduction

21. Ideas