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In this tutorial we explain how to use the mobile fan club to sell merchandise directly on fans' mobile phones.

Text of Am Tutorial Selling Merch

  • 1. Learn how to make money with your mobile fan club by Selling Merch! + 17778880000 Adva Mobile even more

2. Whats your Merch table look like? Posters, CDs, DVDs, Shirts 3. At the show, before or after Sell Merch to your fans on their phones Powdered Pearls CD

  • Its easy
  • $ in your PayPal account in minutes
  • You can do it right at the gig
  • Full reporting and validation tools

4. Lets Start 5.

  • Setup Merchandiseon your Merch page

3/7/45 9/18/24 Powdered Pearls CD Dan April Show Poster Add items for sale through PayPal: How many, what price This is a page on your artist portal where you setup Merch items 6. You can add a new item, or edit an existing one C:UsersDanDeskt This is a page on your artist portal where you add/edit merch items Item Title Item image # of units (you can add later) Price per unit Shipping Policy: Ship and/or pickup @ Gig Shipping & Handling charge per unit 7. 2. Tell your fansabout the new tickets using the fan SMS blast tool Or, if youre at the show, tell them to textYour keyword + buytoGetMe (43863) Theyll get a direct link toyour buy page 8. Lets see the fan experience 9. McAlister Drive. get $10 tickets for Jan 27 thgig! Fans get on your Buy Page Buy Merch Page Powdered Pearls CD 10. Checkout Page At this stage, the fan is stillNOTcharged. Redirect to PayPal Adva Mobile 17778880000 [email_address] 11. The fan is now charged and is redirected back to your pages for transaction result If the purchase was successful, theyll see a confirmation page and receive an SMS with the purchase details Dana Tom 12. How do I make $? So I can sell merch 13. 3. Make Money Go to the reports page to see how much $ youve made We transfer the $ to your PayPal account less than an hour after each transaction Youll receive an email from PayPal with directions 14. Few things to remember

  • Youll receive an email for every sale thats completed, including the fans email address
    • You are responsible to coordinate shipping or pickup in a reasonable time
  • You can always STOP the sale of an item or add more on the artist panel
  • If you have any questions or feedback use the feedback form on the Adva Mobile home page


  • Setup Merch
  • Tell your fans with a blast or at the show
  • Youre responsible to coordinate shipping or pickup with the fan
  • Sell more!

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