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9 Key Frame Analysis of ‘The Road’:

9 key frame analysis

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9 Key Frame Analysis of ‘The Road’:

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Frame 1

This frame is based on the institution: Dimension Films, where the bold Dimension Films logo is in front of dark and misty smoke. The grey and dark smoke denote that something is heavily on fire, which indicates danger and disaster as well as being dull and dismal connoted by the colour grey. The opening sequence is showing the audience a connotation of what they might expect to see further on, by incorporating smoke in the background where the logo is placed as well as indicating what genre the film might be just in the first few moments of the sequence.

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Frame 2

In this frame, the dull and dismal atmosphere created by the rain and the colours association. The fact that you see there is dead leaves and dying plants connote death and that death is involved in this film. This also connotes to the audience what sort of genre the film might be.

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Frame 3

In this frame, the dull and dismal atmosphere created by the rain and the colours association. The grey and black setting connotes despair and sadness, emphasized by the rain, this is known as pathetic fallacy. The darkness suggests evil and death. The fact that in the distance it is blurry and nothing cant be seen, which is t connote no hope.

Page 5: 9 key frame analysis

Frame 4 This frame consists of the main title. This is

another conformation to the conventions of a normal title sequence where the main production people such as who the film is by is before the main title. Furthermore, the mise en scene of this frame is representative of the title to the extent that there is a road shown, and the title name is ‘The Road’. However, it is not just a road, what we see is as destroyed and deserted road. This can shock the audience, as there isn't any cars or any people on the road, it is completely deserted. This also provokes an enigma code as the audience do not know what is the significance of the road and how it links to the film, as it is the main title. The mis en scene of everything being destroyed connotes to the audience on what sort of film its is going to be and what sort of genre.

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Frame 5

In this frame it ishows the sun moving quickly across the sky behind a house. A fast forwarding effect is used to make the sun seem to be going really fast, when the sun doesn’t move and when to us its does it doesn’t move that fast at all. The sun connotes hope and happiness (symbolic code) which is ironic as in previous scenes all we see is despair and sadness. Therefore the sun connotes that there is hope and there is ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ emphasized by the light from the sun projecting from behind the clouds nearly representing that.

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Frame 6

In this frame it involves something being on fire, the audience may assume is trees as they are trees nearby the fire. Previously we see the effects of some sort of disaster, now we see it another way being fire which connotes danger and death. In death meaning will relate fire to hell which could connotes that this fire is by evil doing. Furthermore, this can connote to the audience that there is a hell on earth sort of film.

Page 8: 9 key frame analysis

Frame 7 In this frame, it shows a road of cars,

with brown leaves. and in the distance a dark tunnel. The cars on the road full of brown leaves, they are not straight and aligned or were and they were moved by something. The fact that this is shown, connotes to the audience that something abnormal is going to happen in this film or has already happened. In this film. There seems to be no people at all on the road and the road looks deserted. There are many leaves on the road which connote that there has been hasn’t been any movement on the road recently, because there wouldn’t see so many leaves if there was movement in the road. Furthermore, the colour brown has a symbolic code to death. As in the autumn, the leaves die. This also connotes to the audience what tome of year the film is set in.n

Page 9: 9 key frame analysis

Frame 8 In this frame, it overall outlines the genre of

the film as well as the possible setting and location of the film. It shows the devastation and destruction from a landscape view . While before we there was enigma codes and symbolic codes connoting the genre and the type of film it is, this frame clearly demonstrates this. First of all we see two ships on land which at first sight we shock the audience, as you do not expect to see ships far inland. This provokes the audience to ask why the ships are on land and how did they get there. This is an enigma code. However the questions the audience may ask are partially answered by what you see further on from the ships being seeing the damaged and destroyed roads, houses and buildings, the audience are automatically alerted, that something really bad has happened to cause all this devastation

Then the audience we look further on and realise the cause of all these problems which looks several tornado’s. This then connotes to the audience what sort of film its going to be. As all films like this go by the similar theme of weather being involved. Finally the distance we see a city. This connotes to the audience where the film could be possibly set.

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Frame 9

This last frame outlines what could be connoted as the aftermath of what of what could have been some sort of disaster. From the mise en scene it looks like what this is a shot on a boat or ship. On the deck. Before we see more of longer shots establishing what is going on in that frame but in this one it is different and it shows the audience a much more closer visual. This could be done on purpose to illustrate to the audience impact of this supposed disaster (which was suggested before hand in other frames), on something, shown in more detail than before. From what we can see there is a lot of damage , from what has happened. Furthermore, the fact that the see looks calm further emphasizes it is an aftermath.