Next Generation Manufacturing

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Presentation given at PrefabAus 2014. The material has been sourced from a number of researcher, including: Nico Adams, Robert Zlot, Paul Flick, Alberto Elfes, Laurent Lefort, Sarah King, Peter King, Peter Kambourios, Craig James, Leila Alem, Swee Mak.

Text of Next Generation Manufacturing

  • 1. Next Generation ManufacturingFUTURE MANUFACTURING FLAGSHIP

2. Who am I?1. CSIRO Research Scientist Autonomous Systems Program (80+) QLD Centre for Advanced Technologies2. 9 years in Manufacturing Low Pressure Die Casting3. 4 years Machine Reliability Predictive Maintenance Machine Vision4. 9 years Mining Robotics Robot Navigation5. 5 years Robotic Perception 3D LiDAR Mapping6. 1 year Manufacturing High Performance Workplace 3. Autonomous Systems ProgramVision: A world in which humans and autonomous systems areable to seamlessly, reliably and safely collaborate. 4. Robot navigationDynamic, difficult environments 5. Remote CollaborationRobots, vision and broadband 6. Pervasive ComputingPlatform technology 7. Robots in MiningDragline Swing Automation Shovel Automation Tele-robotic Rock-breakerLHD Automation (Caterpillar) Explosive Loading (ORICA) Longwall Automation (CESRE) 8. CSIRO - Snapshot62%of our people hold universitydegrees2000 doctorates500 mastersWodongaArmidale2 sitesCSIRO undertakes $~500Mof externally funded R&D eachyearPartners = 1300+Top 1% of global research institutions in 14 of 22research fieldsTop 0.1%in 4 research fieldsHighest number of citations per scientist inAustraliaDarwinAlice SpringsBakers HillAthertonTownsville2 sitesRockhamptonToowoombaGattonMyallNarraVbrai leMopraParkesGriffithBelmontGeelongHobartSandy BayWerribeeNewcastlePerth3 sitesAdelaide2 sitesBrisbane6 sitesSydney 5 sitesCanberra 7 sitesPeople = 6000+Locations = 57Budget = $1B+MurchisonCairnsMelbourne 6 sitesInfra = $3.5bnPatents = 3000+ 9. Our track record: top inventions4. EXTENDEDWEAR CONTACTS2. POLYMERBANKNOTES3. RELENZAFLU TREATMENT1. FAST WLANWireless LocalArea Network5. AEROGARD 6. TOTALWELLBEING DIET7. RAFTPOLYMERISATION8. BARLEYMAX 9. SELF TWISTINGYARN10. SOFTLYWASHING LIQUID 10. We are in the worlds Top10 institutions for2 research fields.We are the only Aussie R&Dorganisation in the worldsTop 10.We have 14 research fieldsin the top 1% of globalresearch organisations.CSIRO global positioning454035302520151050ColumbiaUC SanDiegoU MichiganU WisconsinYale U PennsChinese AcadSci1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13NO. OF INSTITUTIONSNO. OF FIELDS IN TOP 10 GLOBALLYCSIROCNRSCornellGeorgia InstTechINRANASANat USingaporeNCINIAIDPrincetonU TorontoUSEPAUSGSU IllinoisU TokyoUSDAWageningenUUCSFJohns HopkinsUCLAMITUWashingtonUCBerkeleyHarvardMaxPlanckStandfordCSICU CarolinaUC DavisOxfordBased on total citations. Source: Thomson-Reuters/ISI Essential ScienceIndicators 11. China Australia Alliance forNew Energy VehicleInnovationGlobal connections80+countries 12. World-classscience andtechnologyCSIRO - the roles we play1 2 3 4 5Trusted advisorto governmentLeveragingAustraliasInnovationSystemInnovationsupporting thecreation of newbusinessesHelping existingcompaniestransition to thefuture 13. Where does CSIRO operate? 14. InnovationEcosystemNational Innovation NetworksCSIROCRCHUBSUniversitiesSMEs 15. How does CSIRO do this?CSIROInnovationPartnershipsResearchAgreementOperator OEMLicenseAgreementPurchaseAgreement 16. National Research FlagshipsBIOSECURITY ENERGY TRANSFORMEDDIGITAL PRODUCTIVITYAND SERVICESCLIMATE ADAPTATIONWEALTH FROM OCEANSFOOD FUTURESSUSTAINABLEAGRICULTUREMINERALS DOWNUNDERFUTUREMANUFACTURINGPREVENTATIVE HEALTHWATER FOR AHEALTHY COUNTRYMissionOrientedResearch 17. The Australian Situation~1m jobsGenerallyhigh wages 29% ofexportsDominatedby SMEsHighlyproductive?30% of tradeapprentices8% of GDPand more inserviceindustries20% ofoutput asinput intoother sectors25% ofBusinessExpenditurein R&D Under pressure from high Australian dollar Ageing workforce Operating in high cost environment Largely SME based Remoteness and small local market Skills shortage: losing capabilities to other sectors Need to lift up productivity Transitioning to a resource constrained future 18. National thought leadership in manufacturingThe combination of forces currently putting pressure on many Australian businessesthreatens to undermine the capacity of the (manufacturing) sector to take advantage offuture opportunities. If manufacturers are not in a position to capitalise on emergingopportunities, the Australian economy as a whole will be weaker and more vulnerable nowand over the longer term.Prime Minister's Manufacturing Taskforce, Report of the Non-Government Members, 2012 19. Towards acompetitive,productiveandsustainablefuture formanufacturingThe 7 S of ManufacturingSustainability - License to operate,Sustainable products, Resource efficientSpeed and agilityResponsiveness, Customisation, Speed to marketScalabilityLow volume, reconfigurable, Scope vs scaleSmart - Materials and processes,Information systems, Design ledServicesSolutions vs product, Moving up value chainreSourcesNatural assets, Human capitalSupply chainsGlobally connected 20. New WorkflowsNew BusinessModelsNew EnterprisesNext Generation Manufacturing ?New ProcessesNew MaterialsNew ProductionMassCustomizationMaximizeFlexibilityMass ProductionMinimize WasteGreatExpectationsLean AgileInformationDrivenAdvancedVirtually hereMore fromLess Additive Titanium Nano Bio Flexible 21. Whats in a Name?Industrial Internet (GE)Industry 4.0 (Germany)Network EnabledManufacturing (Boeing)Manufacturing 2.0(European)IoT Internet ofThingsCloud ComputingBig DataSemantic Web 22. iManufacturing ArchitectureFUTURE MANUFACTURING FLAGSHIP 23. Layered ArchitectureExternal ForcesVirtual Factory Executive Layer Simulation of factory and the world around it. Interactive and collaborative user interface Decision support (simulated scenarios)Digital Factory Strategic Layer Live (Real-time) digital model of factory Fully Integrated across the production cycle - Data Fusion Optimization of production based upon demandsSmart Factory Tactical Layer Smarter sensing and actuation around each process Reconfigurable / Adaptive / Responsive processes Improved situational awareness - QA/QCDemandsDemandsDemandsDataIntelligenceCRMCustomerRelationshipManagementPLMProductLifeCycleManagementSCM Supply ChainManagementERPEnterpriseResourcePlanningMES ManufacturingExecution SystemSCADA 24. Connected ArchitectureCRMPLMSCMERPMESSCADACRMPLMSCMERPMESSCADACRMPLMSCMERPMESSCADA 25. subcontracting processEngineer at company Adefines product specificationin in-house ERP Araises purchase orderand generates furtherspecifications in ERP AEngineer atcompany B retypesspecification in in-houseERP A ERP BERP BEngineer atcompany B retypesspecification in in-houseERP CERP CStatus Quo 26. Bridging the Information Gap Bespoke solution are not scalable. Previously required installation of software on-site. Too expensive for SME. The cloud can provide off-load the software But still have a problem with inter-connections.Solution Objects with relationships to other objects across strata exist. Management by Semantic Web Deliver information flows to the supply chain to allow secure, fit for purpose,interoperability across various platforms and processes 27. What are the information flows At the nodes, we need InformaticsClientdataHumanServicesMaterial, Productsand ProcessesSupply chaineventsSupplierdataICT Automation,IoT, RoboticsFactoryeventsFactorydataEnd to enddataProductdataProcessdataSupply chainmanagementNodesAssistivetechnologiesDesign,customisationDirection ofdata flowSustainableRelationship manufacturingManagementInformaticsWorkforce skills 28. Apple Treatment Process Knowledge RepresentationChemicalProcessingEngineersInformaticsEngineers 29. Example:Knowledge Representation of Apple Processing 30. eManufacturing Cloudsubcontracting processEngineer at company Adefines product specificationin in-house ERP Araises purchase orderand generates furtherspecifications in ERP AERP AERP BMachine-comprehensiblespecifications translated intodata format for ERP C andautomatically ingested byERP CERP CMachine-comprehensiblespecifications translated intodata format for ERP B andautomatically ingested by ERPBProposal 31. High Performance WorkplaceFUTURE MANUFACTURING FLAGSHIP 32. LAMS Lightweight Assistive Manufacturing Solutions Low-cost, from purchasing price and installation costs, toreprogramming and maintenance costs Easy to use, without the need of technical expertise to deploy, Support mass customisation, ideal for small runs of multipleGuardian AngelMonitors environment Tracks people and assetsMake work safer for humansGuardian MentorWorker augmentation Provides skills and trainingMake work easier for humanGuardian Helper Provides physical assistance Robotic co-workersWorks with humansGuardian Worker Provides remote assistance Tele-operated roboticsWork for humansHigh Performance Workplaceoperate and reconfigure the systemstypes of productsAugmentation Collaboration Interface ObservatoryAssistive Navigation Manipulation CooperationAwareness Monitoring Modeling ManagementWorker Centric:Increase productivity, safety and adaptabilityof future workforce through virtual andassistive automation technologiesSocial ScienceHuman FactorsInformaticsCommunicationsSensorsRoboticsEngineeringInvestment Innovation Impact 33. Changing Manufacturing ParadigmsCurrent automationin manufacturingRigidBulkyExpensiveUnsafeLightweightAssistive SolutionsFlexibleAffordableLightweightHuman-centeredEasy-to-use 34. Lightweight Assistive Manufacturing SystemsMulti-SensorialAugmented RealityHuman/RobotCollaborationAugmented HumanWorkerRobot/RobotCollaborationWorker Safety: AlwaysAwareTelesupervision 35. HMILAMSICTPerceptionConsumerDevicesRoboticsMobileTele-presenceLightweightRoboticsSocialNetworkingMirrorWorldingSensing inUnstructuredDynamicEnvironmentsDependabilityRobustnessFieldRoboticsMilitary/MiningCollectiveIntelligenceCloudServices Big DataInternet of thingsCheap sensor,processorsand actuationImmersiveInterfacesGamingAdditive ManufacturingIntuitiveinterfacesMobileDevicesUbiquitousConnectivityLocation