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Inspecta Folder on Certification and Re-Certification of personnel, equipment and procedures to increase quality and security. Inspecta provides expertise, advice and opportunities.

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  • 1. exploiting equipment beyond their designed lifecycle - Inspection -Testing (NDT/DT) - Certification -Technical consultancy -Training ONE PARTNER MANY SERVICES Herbergveien 2 1710 Sarpsborg Phone: + 47 69 10 17 10 You are welcome to contact one of our offices. For more information, go to
  • 2. In order to support the oil and gas industry in complying width regulations Inspecta provides both certification and re-certification of subsea equipment like riser, valves, manifold, owtree, etc. We offer these services both onshore and offshore. Inspecta provides both the execution of re-certification of drilling/well equipment, including technical support and monitoring. We work close with our clients during overhauls and maintenance of different equipment. Certication and re-certication
  • 3. Over the years, due to a change in economic conditions and an increased focus on the environment and oil & gas recovery possibilities, clients often want to continue exploiting equipment beyond their designed lifecycle instead of investing in new. We have the resources and knowledge within our business and can provide the entire re-certification process. Our clients will be able to rely on only one supplier. Resources and knowledge
  • 4. Inspecta provides re-certification services with full capabilities and accredited operators along our engineers and laboratory. We ensure that re-certification meets the required regulation NORSOK, DNV requirements, ISO. This involves verifying the relevant design and manufacturing documents that are required for the re-certification to take place. Inspecta reviews and approve the relevant procedures and reports along with the clients team. Our teams ensure that operations and maintenance procedures are developed. We manage, administrate and follow-up the execution of overhaul and re-certification. The methods we use and the consulting we provide is an important part of the re-certification The scope of the re-certification depends on former documentation and certificates. We deliver on time and according to the clients specifications and when needed, additional requirements. Standards: DNV 2.7-3 DNV 2.7-1 DNV 2.22. NORSOK N-Structural NORSOK R-Lifting Equipment. Regulation: Maskinforskriften 544. Inspecta provides clients with: - Inspection (NDT) - Material documentation, testing identification, certification. Both on-site, in our laboratory and maintenance hall. - Reengineering, measurements, product drawings 2D and 3D. - Calculations depending on the documentation, lift, strength, stress and hardness (spectroscopy) Safety Knowledge is essential for the improvement of safety and can also increase operating time. Sustainability, safety and security are a major challenge for many industries, including those operating in the oil and gas sectors. Keeping a strong focus on safety issues will also affect the development of sustainability, both when it comes to the environment and the core business. We make it a priority to always have well-trained staff who know the industry and can ensure that knowledge is transferred effectively both internally and externally. Cerification According to the directives, a product certification made by a Notified Body like Inspecta is a prerequisite for new products to enter the market. This is also important regarding the re-certification of equipment in use or transported to other locations. Inspecta is a Notified Body for the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED), Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive (TPED), Simple Pressure Vessels Directive, Lifts Directive and the Construction Products Directive. Our certification services are also accredited or approved by other authorities in various areas for certification of management systems, products and personnel. Inspecta provides expertise, advice and opportunities Re-Certification