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  • fagerhult e-senseAdded intelligence

  • Some forms of technology have been steeped in

    mystery to the extent that they negate the purpose

    for which they were designed.

    Light control is such an example. A technology

    that was born from our need of ergonomic and

    energy-saving lighting. Obvious, yet too diffi cult

    to understand. Both to those planning, the person

    installing, and to the person who has to use it.

    At last the technology has fi nally matured and Fa-

    gerhult can now introduce a unique concept. e-Sense

    added intelligence. All you need to do is to connect

    the luminaire and press a button.

    Our aim has been to eliminate all the hidden costs

    of installation, operation and maintenance. To avoid

    switches and complicated settings. You install a nor-

    mal luminaire, but get a complete control system.

    With e-Sense each luminaire in the room can

    think for itself, or as one system. The luminaires

    have a newly developed multisensor that detects

    movement in the room, measures the daylight and

    and adapts the output accordingly. You determine

    its level of intelligence by selecting from two system

    models, the fully featured e-Sense ActiLume or the

    basic model e-Sense SmartSwitch. No matter what

    you choose the luminaire takes care of itself.

    On the other hand, there is nothing more frustra-

    ting than infl exible technology. If you want to you

    can control the light yourself, with the help of a pull

    switch. And if you want to refurnish your offi ce, it's

    not a problem as the luminaire is an independent

    working unit. Time consuming and costly repro-

    gramming is no longer needed.

    e-Sense represents ease of use, effi ciency, energy

    and economy. Easy to install and use. Effective with

    regard to light treatment and energy consumption

    you save up to 75 per cent. Ergonomic as you look

    after visual and psychological needs. Economy is the

    sum of all parts. We have integrated light control

    into the system, so you can divert your energies

    elsewhere. A smart move we think.

    Fagerhult e-Sense lighting control made simple

  • Fagerhult e-Sense you control the design

    Fagerhult e-Sense is the smart way to save energy.

    One of the most diffi cult choices you have to make is between form

    and function. This has been the case for a long time within light control.

    Choosing a light control function limited the number of luminaire models

    available, while those who gave priority to design had to cope with com-

    plicated control systems or no control at all. This was an insult to all the

    architects, light planners and interior designers that applied a holistic ap-

    proach to their work. Consequently, we now offer e-Sense on virtually all

    luminaires in our product range. Which refl ects the growing importance

    we attach to integrated lighting control.

    Initially we will offer various leading products in an e-Sense design with

    ready-to-install order numbers. Install, connect and start experiencing the

    benefi ts of control.

    We also offer e-Sense MLS, with a range of existing luminaires incorpo-

    rating the new miniaturized sensor from Ex-Or, the DH sensor.

    Further details available on request.

    Fagerhult e-sense is the easiest, quickest way to install light control. All you have to do is to connect it. And the system is up and running. If you want to make personal set-tings, you can do this by pressing the service button and selecting between the two most common operating functions. It couldnt be easier.

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    Fagerhult e-Sense luminaires are equipped with integrated light control. An attractive, easy installation without the need of add-on or external sensors. No connections no problems.

    e-Sense ActiLume

    ActiLume is a control system based on

    the DALI protocol. The system consists of

    a detector and a controller. The sensor

    has three different parts: a detector for

    presence, a sensor for daylight control and

    an IR receiver should you want to use a

    remote control.

    e-Sense ActiLume offers maximum

    comfort and energy savings up to 75 %.

    The immense energy saving potential gives

    the possibility of repaying the investment


    The system also offers the user the

    chance to adjust the lighting to his/her

    personal level with the help of a retractable

    switch, pull cord or a remote control.

    The master luminaire can control ten

    others (11 HF-ballasts). The system has two

    channels, A and B. Channel B has a 30 %

    offset, which means that Channel B starts

    to be regulated when channel A drops to

    70 %. When channel A is regulated to 10 %,

    channel B is then set to 40 %.

    In recessed installations channel A can

    control the luminaires close to the window

    where there is more incoming daylight, and

    channel B control luminaires away from

    the windows.

    In pendant three lamp luminaires (with

    two ballasts) we use the system to control

    the direct and indirect light separately with

    channel B controlling the indirect light.

    Fagerhult e-Sense two systems, same simplicity

  • e-Sense SmartSwitch

    SmartSwitch is an on/off-sensor that con-

    trols the connected luminaire via the mains

    voltage. There is also a model with pull dim

    for individual setting of the lighting level

    available. SmartSwitch gives automatic ig-

    nition/extinguishing controlled by presence

    and the ambient light. The presence detec-

    tion can be set with a delay of between 1

    to 30 minutes.

    When the amount of ambient light

    (daylight) is suffi cient the lighting is swit-

    ched off, the lighting level that activates

    switching off can be set between 502000

    lux. This function can be omitted.

    e-Sense SmartSwitch absence dimming

    A control function adapted to a room in an

    offi ce which is used sparingly, for example,

    a copying room, stockroom, corridors or

    a cloakroom. The lighting level is set at a

    constant low level to counteract the im-

    pression of a darkened room. Any presence

    is detected and the lighting is adjusted to

    100 %. The time delay to return to the low

    level (10 %) can be short unlike control with

    a switch off function where you need to av-

    oid unnecessary starting of the fl uorescent

    lamp. If you wish to switch off the lumin-

    aire completely, this can be done centrally

    once working hours are over.

    In addition, with the setting for lux

    on/off you can prevent control if there is

    already suffi cient light in the room. Adjust-

    ment of the time and lux level are made on

    the rear of the sensor.

    Fagerhult e-Sense two systems, same simplicity

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    e-Sense ActiLumeFunctions offered by e-Sense luminaires equipped with ActiLume

    Presence detection

    Presence control switches the lighting on and off auto-

    matically. After the last presence detection the lighting

    is switched off with a 15 minutes delay.

    Daylight control

    A sensor adapts the lighting output to the amount of

    incidental light (natural light). If there is no daylight,

    this function regulates the light output to maintain

    the required illumination level.


    To control and programme using the remote control if

    required. The remote control is an accessory.

    Manual control (touch)

    Full manual control via pull dim in the luminaire or

    retractive switch on the wall.

    Channel B 30 % offset

    Channel B has a 30 % offset, which means that channel

    B starts to be regulated when channel A drops to 70 %.

    When channel A is regulated to 10 %, channel B is then

    set to 40 %.

    ActiLume offers maximum comfort and au-

    tomatic energy saving. ActiLume adapts the

    level of light to the surrounding environ-

    ment and when the room is not in use the

    light is switched off.

    When the sensor detects presence, the

    system automatically switches the light

    on. If there is suffi cient daylight in a room

    the level is automatically dampened. The

    light is switched off when the room has

    been empty for some time. As light is only

    on when needed, the system can give the

    energy savings up to 75 %.

    Night: The offi ce is in darkness. 07:56 The luminaire is switched on with presence as the daylight does not satisfy the lighting need.

    Daylight reduces the luminaire light accordingly, also known as daylight control.

    Adjustment is performed slowly and constantly according to a set value. When dimmed, the uplight is 30% higher than the downlight.

    The series of pictures shows what happens in the room. The curve shows how the luminaire's energy use varies throughout the day.

  • e-Sense ActiLume pendant 2-lamp luminaires

    Choices for presence detection: Automatic ON Automatic OFF (delay 15 minutes) Manual ON (with a light level over 600 lux) Automatic OFF (delay 15 minutes)(Always adjustment to low level before OFF).

    Choices for daylight sensor: Automatic setting to 600 lux.Manual setting adjustment.

    Choices for manual control: Pull dim (only pendant luminaires) or retractive switch on/off and control.

    IR-transmitter on/off and control (accessory).

    e-Sense ActiLumeFunctions offered by e-Sense luminaires eq