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  2. 2. At the end of the vast flat lands of southern Sweden, at the edge of the Baltic Sea, lies the small town of hus. This is the setting for atelj Lyktan, a lighting manufacturer with a 80-year long history and an archive of lights that have defined Swedish design over the last century, but atelj Lyktan is not resting on its laurels. It is busy creating the next generation of lighting. Working with a host of renowned contempo- rary designers, atelj Lyktan designs, develops and manufactures luminaires for outdoor and indoor envirionments. They all take shape here in the 1200sqm factory, overlooking the farm- lands of southern Sweden. In this brochure we present a selection of atelj Lyktans product range, a number of signature products which exemplifies our sense of innovation and design. For details on the selected products and to study the full range, please visit
  3. 3. CONTENTS 06-11. Faggio 12-17. Hood 18-23. Kiwi 24-29. Megalo 30-35. Ogle 36-41. Tipi
  4. 4. FAGGIO p. 6-11 Design Darfon, 2013 Trees and their beauty are the inspiration be- hind the design of Faggio table and floor lamps. Bringing natures forms and features indoors at work or at home creates an intriguing bal- ance between outside and in, between the or- ganic and the geometric. Faggio are based on a modular design concept that allows every part of the luminaires to be extended, shortened, rotated and adjusted according to the angular spread, form and function desired by the user. Models and dimensions (WxHx mm) Table: 542x555x200 / 345x414x200. Floor: 710x1825x355. Materials Aluminium frame with galvanized zinc coating or paint finish. Polycarbonate shade. Standard finish Silver or white RAL 9003 or black RAL 9005, piano lacquer. Other Incl. LED light source, luminaire efficacy 47 lm/W, colour temperature 3000K. Colour rendering Ra 80-85. Including linear light adjustment by touch.
  5. 5. HOOD p. 12-17 Design Form Us With Love, 2012 Hood is an ideal solution for open plan environ- ments, functioning both as a light source and a sound barrier, helping to create a more intimate space in the contemporary office landscape. Its modular structure means that Hood can grow according to need. It should be possible to expand Hood in all directions really, says Petrus Palmr from Form Us With Love. Model Pendant. Material Shades of moulded polyester felt. Frame in lacquered structure aluminium. Diffuser in opal acrylic. Grey cable. Colour Black, dark grey, light grey, sand and red. A further 24 colours are available on request. Note: no bracket customization. Other Light unit with LED light source included. Output 23W, luminarie efficacy 61 lm/W, colour temperature 3000K, colour rendering Ra 80 and chromaticity tolerance 3 SDCM.
  6. 6. KIWI p. 18-23 Design Kristian Andrason and Kristin Leibel, 2010 Kiwi is a modern, decorative desk-top lamp that will take pride of place on your desk. Kiwi is equipped with the latest LED technology and dimmer with a discrete pushbutton on the back of the stand. Black or white velvet-smooth latex paint result in a surface finish of the highest quality. Models and dimensions (HxWxL mm) Table: 358x649x90. Material Lamp housing in aluminium. Colour Black or white latex finish. Light source 13W LED, luminaire efficacy 35 lm/W, colour temperature 3000K, colour rendering Ra 80. Chromaticity tolerance 5 SDCM. Other Dimmer and on/off via pushbutton on lamp stand.
  7. 7. MEGALO p. 24-29 Design Olle Lundberg, 2009 When Olle Lundberg created his extensive Meg- alo family a few years ago, it enjoyed a great reception in public spaces and private homes alike. At that time, LED technology was still in its cradle and was not considered for this lu- minaire. But it is today. The new Megalo has undergone a quality shift in terms of materials choices and technology while expressing the same classic artistic idiom as its predecessor. Models and dimensions (xH mm) Ceiling: 400x195 / 600x245 / 800x315. Pendant: 400x145 / 600x200 / 800x270. Floor: 400x195 / 600x245 / 800x315. Material Shade in painted metal. Diffuser in opal acrylic. Features in chrome plated metal. Colour White NCS 0300-N, black NCS S9000-N, red NCS S 2570-Y90R. Gloss value 10. Other 12,4W / 31W / 46W LED, luminaire efficacy 667 / 1692 / 2211 lm/W, colour temperature 3000K (4000K on request). Colour rendering Ra (CRI) min 80. Chromaticity tolerance 3 SDCM.
  8. 8. OGLE p. 30-35 Design Form Us With Love, 2010 Ogle sees design in a light all of its own. A LED eye keeps watch from a melon-sized lampshade in black or white, velvet-smooth die cast acrylic. An eye that can shift its gaze thanks to a groove on top of the lamp. Ogle looks good as a spotlight, floor lighting, above a reception desk or in a cluster. Models and dimensions (xH mm) Ceiling: 150x258. Pendant: 150x165. Floor: 280x1308. Material Injection-moulded shade in polycarbonate. Reflector White powder-coated pressed aluminium. Colours Soft lacquer in black or white. Light source 8W LED, socket GU10.
  9. 9. TIPI p. 36-41 Design Mrten and Gustav Cyrn, 2011 Tipi is a floorlight for both outdoor and indoor use, made from slats of heat-treated ash. The arrangement of the wooden slats around a stainless steel circular structure is reminiscent of the Native American teepee as well as the Swedish Samis kta. Hence the name. Model and dimensions (Hx mm) Floor: 527x488 / 738x645 / 944x799. Material Handle and top part in die-cast aluminium. Tube and circular structure in stainless steel. Wooden slats in heat-treated ash wood. Colour Natural ash wood with details in aluminium and stainless steel or ash wood and details lac- quered in white RAL9003. Light source 8W LED, socket E27.
  10. 10. Head Office Fagerhults Belysning AB, SE566 80 Habo, Sweden Tel: +46 (0)36 10 85 00 E-mail: Please find your Fagerhult / atelj Lyktan representant here: