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Couplings , Clutches and Brakes

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Couplings , Clutches and Brakes Coupling and clutches are power transmission elements . Coupling is Used for transmitting power from one shaft to another shaft.The break is a fractional device whose primary function is to control the motion of machine member.Break is device used to bring machine member Into rest or slow down.


Couplings A coupling is a device used to connect two shaft

Shaft are mostly available for 7 meters length due to transport difficultly. To get a greater length , it is necessary to joint two or more pieces of the shaft using coupling.

Types of couplings Rigid coupling Flexible Coupling

Rigid coupling It is used to connect two shafts which are perfectly in axial Alignment . There are basic three types of rigid coupling as follows Sleeve or muff couplingClamp or split muff Flange coupling

Sleeve or muff coupling

B. Clamp or split muff

C. Flange coupling

2.Flexible Coupling This coupling is used to protect the driven and driven machine members again effect produce due to misalignment of shaft , vibration , sudden shock load or shaft expansion. There are basic three types of flexible coupling Bushed pin type flange couplingUniversal CouplingOldham coupling

Bushed pin type flange coupling

B. Universal Coupling

C. Oldham coupling

Clutches Clutches is device which facilitate engage and disengage of driving shaft and driven shaft whenever required .There are Two types of Mechanical ClutchesFriction ClutchesPositive contact clutches

Friction ClutchesA friction clutches is used to transmission of power between two machines shafts which may be required to stop or start frequently .

In automobile ,friction clutches is used to connect the engine to the driven shaft . In operation such a clutch , care should taken so that the friction surface engage easily and gradually brings the driven to proper speed.

Types of Friction clutches Disc clutch Cone clutchCentrifugal clutch

A. Disc clutch

B. Cone Clutch

C. Centrifugal clutch

Positive contact clutch This type of clutch engaged or disengaged without slip. Therefore it known as positive contact clutch.

This clutch is not suitable where gradual engagement and disengagement is required without stopping the driving shaft.

Jaw clutch (Positive contact clutch)

Brakes A brake is a mechanical device which produces frictional resistance against moving machine member , in order to slow or stop the motion of machine.

There are four types of brake. Block brakeBand brakeInternal expanding shoe brakeDisc brake

A. Block brake

B. Band Brake

C . Internal Expanding shoe brake

D. Disc brake

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