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Kunming Jiahe Science & Technology Co., Ltd.No.208 Tuoxiang Road, Industry Base, Economicand Technical , Development Zone, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, P.R.China P. C. Mob. /WhatsApp/Viber: 0086 158 8728 8008 Tel: 0086-871-6742 5766 Fax: 0086-871-6741 3222URL: Series flow m/h head m Medium Temperature Application JHB series high-tempreture concentrated sulfuric acid submerged pumpJHB3200m/h; Single stage:55m; Double stage:210m;1201). Concentrated sulfuric acid, with concentration 93%-100%;2). Fuming acid, with concentration >=105%;JHG series low-temperature heat-recovery circulation acid pumpsJHG JHG 30-3200m/h 1035mm 220 1). Concentrated sulfuric acid, with concentration 98.6%-98.8%;JHL high temperature sulfur submerged pumpsJHL250m/h; 10-120m 160 1). Molten sulfur;2). Medium with high freezing point such as Urea, etc.JHXL high temperature sulfur submerged pumpsJHXL250m/h; 10-120m 160 1). Crude liquid sulfur;2). Filtering agent,etc.JFZ series anti-corrosion and anti-abration pumpJFZ 15-2000m/h 10-150m 1201). Non-ferrous Metallurgy plants;2). Phosphoric compound fertilier plants;3). Fuel gas disulfurization facility;4). Petrochemical engineering industry;5). Food, pharmaceutical, paper making,Sewage treatment plants, etc.;:LPMliter per minute/GPMgallon per minute /1LPM=1*60/1000 m3/hr 1GPM=4.5461*60/1000 m3/hrJLF series vertical anti-corrosion and anti-abrasion pumpJLF10-2000m/h 7-130m 120 Same as JFZ series pumpJFZ series flue gas desulfurization circulating pump JFZ8-4200m/h 12-120m -25+200Applied for transporting kinds of acidic, neutral and alkaline corrosion, abrasion seriflux mediums, which solid mass concentration 30%, temperature is between -25+200, chloridion concentration is up to 2000080000ppm.JW series horizontal corrosion and abration resistance chemical mixed-flow pumpJW 250-8000m/h 526m 1201). Phosphate fertilizer plants;2). Bayer alumina plants;3). Diaphragm caustic plants;4). Vacuum salt factory;5). Hydrometallurgy;6). Combined-soda process plants;7). Sodium carbonate plants;8). Paper-making factory;9). Electric power plants;10). Light Industry: Alcohol concentrating, citric acid evaportating, sugar liguids evaporatin, etc.JHZ horizontal series chemical axial-flow pumpJHZ 550-17000m/h 28mm 1201). Phosphate & compound fertilizer industry;2). Alumina industrynonferrous metallurgy industry;3). Chemical engineering, alkali, salt manufacturing;4). Paper making, light industry;5). Electric power plants;JLHZ vertical series chemical axial-flow pumpJLHZ 280-16500m/h 16.5mm 120 Same an JHZ seriesJZJ Series Slurry pumpJZJ 30-2300m/h 15130mm 1101). Mining industry, feeding pump of ferrous and non-ferrous ore pulp, transporting various concentrates and tailings;2). Metallurgical industry;2). Coal industry;3). power plants;4). Construction materials5). Chemical industry, transporting various abrasive slurries for phosphate, potash fertilizer plant;JZJL Series Vertical slurry pumpJZJL 10-360m/h 345m 110 Same as JZJ series pump::JM,JAH,JHH Series Vertical slurry pumpJMJAHJHH 10.8-5400m/h 5118m 110Same as JZJ series pumpLow-concentration high-head heavy duty slurry pump, especially suitable for trasporting rough granularity,strong-abrasion, high-concentration slurry.JHA Series Foot-mounted Single-Stage Overhung Process Pump2600m/h 300m -80+300It is used for transporting different kinds of clean, containing small amount of particles, low or high temperature, medium or high pressure, neutral or corrosive mediums in:1). Refineries;2). Petrochemical plants;3). Gas processing;4). Coal processing;5). Power plants;6). Offshore installations;JHE Series Centreline-mounted Single-Stage Overhung Process pump2600m/h 300m -80+450 Same as JHA series pumpJHC Series horizontal single-stage radial-split foot-mounted process pumpJHC 2000m/h 160m -30+125It is used for transporting different kinds of clean, containing small amount of particles, low or high temperature, medium or high pressure, neutral or corrosive mediums in kinds of industries.More pumps models and customized pumps models pls feel free to contact with us! Thanks for your support very much! Looking forward to hearing from your side!


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