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  • 2. LIKE: LIKE is a verb that is used to describe preferences. e.g.: I like to go to the cinema.
  • 3. Do you like?What kind of music do you like?(preference)
  • 4. I like salsa. (in general)
  • 5. What do you like doing? I like listening to music or I like to listen to music
  • 6. I like dancing and singing (in general)
  • 7. When you express preference orspeak in general you can use theinfinitive with to or the gerund afterthe verb like.
  • 8. I like to study or I like studying ( Both are possible)
  • 9. But if you want to say the same but in anegative way you say: I do not like dancingI do not like to dance I dont like to dance I dont like dancing
  • 10. Would like to
  • 11. In affirmative you can use would like to express a desire.
  • 12. I would like to go to New Zealand some day.
  • 13. In questions it is used tomake an invitation or to offer something to someone.
  • 14. Would you like some coffee? (offer) Yes, I would.
  • 15. Would you like to go out with me tonight? (Invitation)I would like to go out with you.
  • 16. What would you like to do today after classes? I would like to.
  • 17. With would like we DO NOT use gerund (-ing) WE CAN NOT SAY:I would like to going to the shopping today WE SAY: I would like to go to the shopping today.
  • 18. In negative way: I would not like to eat cabbage orI wouldnt like to eat cabbage
  • 19. In english we do not ask or offer with negative form we dont say:wouldnt you like a chocolate? We say: would you like a chocalate?
  • 20. WANT
  • 21. To express, desire or to make an invitation we can use the verb to want too! (would like is more formal)
  • 22. I would like some pizza = I want some pizza
  • 23. Would you like to go dancing? = Do you want to go dancing?
  • 24. Does Maria want more water? =Would Maria like more water?
  • 25. Would like: Requests, wishes andoffers; we use in an indirect and polite way.Want: The same as would like but direct, simple and informal. Like: When we talk about in ageneral way or our preferences in things.