Would You Want to Live Forever?

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  1. 1. Would You Want to
  2. 2. If I could live forever would I? That is a big question but I have an answer. If I could live forever I wouldnt take it because I believe that you only live your life in a good way once. Im going to tell you why I would only want to live once.I think that I wouldnt want to live forever because people always say that you only live once so live ever day like it is your last. You cant ever reincarnate so when you die it will be painful. I rather die and be peaceful than stay alive and be in pain.I would never want to keep living without my sisters or parents. So that is what I would do if I had the chance to live forever.by Karlee
  3. 3. No, I wouldNt waNt to lIve for forever. if I could live for forever I would have eNdless pain. If you could live for forever, if you get hurt badly, youll coNstaNtly be going through pain. And per say there was a war , you would have to suffer the pain of losing some of your family , or worse. So that is why I would not want to live for forever.By Dominic
  4. 4. If somebody found the cure for aging, I both would and wouldn't want to live forever. I wouldn't want to live forever because the sun is a star so it will die out. I also would want to live forever because I would want to be known around the world as the longest living person in the world.By: Danielle
  5. 5. If someone found the cure for aging. I would say yes and no. I would yes because you would get to do more things that you like. You could go places you have not been to. You could also do fun things. We would get to buy more things and collect more things. A lot of people would be rich or wealthy. No one would die in the world. One reason I would not want to live forever is, the world would be full of people.By David
  6. 6. If someone found the cure for ageing, I would want it so I, ME can live forever. I would want it because that would be cool to see all the changes in time. Also I wouldn't have to worry about anything. But the thing is, how much does it cost? I'm guessing it cost about $100,000,000,000,000,000,000 and I honestly do NOT have that kind of money. I dont even have half as much money as that. Plus I need to save up for College. Just there would be so much new cool stuff. We might even find Aliens later in the day! That would be cool!Author: Allison
  7. 7. If someone found the curefor aging you could liveforever. I would get to seemy great grand kidsforever. All my family canlive forever.But if every one could liveforever the world would becrowed. Just imaginehouses on the side onhighways . Forests wouldbe cut down. That wouldnot be good.The world is very big but Iwould love if my holefamily could live forever.by Alyssa
  8. 8. By JERRYI would like to liveforever. BecauseI could see theFuture and I would be able to meet my great Grand Kids.
  9. 9. If I could live forever I would and wouldntwant to. I would because I could be with myfamily forever. But I might not because Iwould have to go to school and havehomework and have all those problems. But Ialso think living would be fun because youdont know what happens when you die. Youdont know if you go to heaven or if youre aghost or if when you die its none of thosethings. Its just like you are completely dead.Thats why I might live forever. But livingcan be AWESOME. I mean imagine livingwhen your suppose to be dead, cool right?Plus I could still hangout with my friends.Those are reasons why I think it would andwouldnt be cool to live forever.By Rylee
  10. 10. Would I want to live FOREVER?YES, I would like to live foreverbecause I would be able to see thingsI have never seen before.I would go to so many new placeslike, Great Wolf Loge and go toCeaderpoint and ride rollercoasters.I have never rode the Top ThrillDragster. I would also just love totravel the world . I would also like totry new food if they ever made newones . That is why I would love to livefor ever.by Abbey
  11. 11. Yes, I would want to live forever. Even though I would miss my family I would like to see the future, and see a lot more than now. In the future I would see new soccer and softball teams and meet the new people. But, I kind of wouldnt want to live forever because I would just be old forever and miss family and friends. Even though I could practice all my favorite sports. Even though I would meet new friends I would miss my old friends.
  12. 12. If I found the cure for aging I would not like to use it because I would still have to do taxes and do a lot of stuff. I would hate it so much. I dont want to find the cure ever. It would be the worst thing ever in the world.BY:JACOB
  13. 13. I would most certainly want to live forever. I would want to so I can see the future. If I was the only person in the world who could use this solution I would use it just so that when every one would estimate the future I would live the future. Honestly I would not share it with anyone besides my friends and family. They would be the only people in the hole world who I would share it with.By Joey
  14. 14. I would kind of like it if I could live forever but I kind of wouldnt. The reason why I wouldnt like it would be because I wouldnt live in a better place. The reason why I would like it would be because I could spend a long long long time in college or MSU. By John
  15. 15. If I can live forever I would have to say yes. Yes, because I can see what happens to the world if it changes. I would want to see if my school changes or if my house changes. Also, to see if my family is still going. If it is I would be so happy. That would be so cool.By KadynIf I could live forever, then I wouldnt have to lose all my money or any of my cool stuff.And I would be able to see people that I miss. that is why I would want to live for ever.
  16. 16. Would I want to live forever? I would make all the apple products and make flying possible. I could try and I said try!! To get cancer out of here!! I would make a sport in that time of living for ever. It would be called softback and I would make my own namebrand called infinity. By Kassie
  17. 17. IF I FOUND ITNO, If I found the cure for ageing I would not use it on myself. I would use it on the president then I would use it on myself. (if I was old) I will ask the president if I could sell it and if he says yes I will sell it and get a bunch of money. I would not use it on myself because if I fell into a volcano and pressed the button I would be dead and alive at the same time. Plus I could loose my job because the manager might think I'm too young. That is why I would not like to live forever.MAGIC
  18. 18. I would and wouldnt like to live forever. The reason why I would, is because in the future I absolutely know that they are going to make more technical things .Like kinds of I phones, I pads, and I pods. Which means that if you live forever then (if you had enough money) you could buy those things. I would not like to live forever because if I live forever then Ill get older and older ,and I wont look very pretty ,and Ill practically look like an old grandma troll. Unless..someone finds a cure to live forever and adds that it wont make you look old and wrinkly!
  19. 19. I would not want to live forever. There would beto many people and not enough food. We wouldknow to much. We won't die from age ,but fromstarvation! I won't want to be younger. I would diefrom age or what else you can die from. Thatswhy you shouldn't live for ever.From,Logan
  20. 20. Yes, I would love to LIVE FOREVER because you will probably live to be an age that doesn`t even exist! I would love to be an age that doesnt even exist because you wouldnt be able to walk! So as long as you live you won`t want to die!By; Mya
  21. 21. Yes I would like to see my family like my mom & dad even my dog cooper. Because I can see every thing in the future and check on my brother and sister to see if not dead.By Nathan
  22. 22. If someone would findthe cure for not aging, Iwouldnt want it becauseyou can get tired ofliving so long. You mightget a disease. Would youhave fun? Your friendswould die then you wouldhave no friends your age.Or maybe your friendshave it. Would you havefun living forever youmight be in the hospital.I feel all angry andgrumpy. That's what Ithink about the fountainof youth.
  23. 23. Yes I will like to live forever because so if some one hurt me I will stay alive. I can do stuff and I mess up on a stunt I will still be alive. if stuff messes up a lot of times you can still be alive. you can invention a jetpack and try it out. you mite make mistakes. if I am old I will still stay alive. So if you could live forever what will you do.By Tyler
  24. 24. Yes I would because I would want to see the future and if it changed or not. I also would not want to because if the jellyfish die out I would die to. That is why I would and would not want to.By Nevaeh