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Middle School Woodworking

Middle School WoodworkingBen KellmanMarshall Middle SchoolBillerica, MASide Table Project

SIDE TABLESSide tables are made of poplarLegs are 1x3s( x 2.5); taper is cut with bandsaw and then hand-planedRails are 1x4s or 1x6sTop and middle shelf are edge-glued 1x6s; top edge is finished with 3/8 roundover done with portable routerFastening is done with countersunk 1-5/8 drywall screws, covered with wood fillerTables are finished with polyurethane

Variation on tableIncludes 1 stripeof wengelaminated into topor pull-out drawer

Napkin HolderThe napkin holders use a common base of 1x3 poplar cut to 3 x 2.5Side pictures are drawn using templates, cut out on the bandsaw, and hand-sandedNapkin capacity is 1.5Side pictures are fastened to base using countersunk 1-5/8 drywall screws

Merry-Go- RoundThe Merry-go-round consists of a an 8 diameter carousel disk with a 5/8 diameter center hole, a 5 diameter disk with a diameter center hole, and an 11 diameter dowel4 figures ride on the merry-go-round; these could be laser-cutThe carousel disk is suspended by nylon string

LettersLetters, cut out with a coping saw, are a fun projectTops and bottoms should have a flat area for gluing together, using a dowel for added strength

Jewelry stand is madeof a found stick attachedinto a 4.5 diameter diskof 1x6 poplar;brass hooks can thenbe added to the branches

Clock/Wall shelfClock Wall shelfShelves are made of 1x4 poplarTop and clock face is 1x6 poplarShelves fastened with countersunk 1 5/8 drywall screwsHours are marked with hardwood plugs sanded flatClock is battery powered quartz unit- see http://www.klockit.com/

Table ClockBase and top are 1x3 poplarClock face is edge-glued 1x6 poplarHours are marked with 3/8 wood plugs sanded smoothQuartz movement and hands from Klockit.com

Rocking figuresRockers( 2) are from 1x4 poplar or pineFigure in center is traced using template

BasketsBaskets can be in all different sizesSide strips are w x 3/16 thick, attached with brads and glueEnd panels can be plain or whimsicalEnd panel can include a dia hole for dowel-handle

Figures can be made from pine notched to fit togetherwithout glue

Detail of deer figurePaddle-Wheel Boat

Box with sliding topBox is x 2.5 pineSlot for top is 1/8( cut on table saw)SpoonSpoon is mahogany, with blank 1.5 x 3.5Bowl cut with gouge, then rest on bandsaw