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What’s happening in bright start academy st. louis this august!

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Text of What’s happening in bright start academy st. louis this august!

  • Whats Happening in Bright Start Academy St. Louis this August!
  • What a bright and beautiful summer we've had in the Midwest this year! Plenty of time to play outside and enjoy all of the fun and entertaining family friendly things to do in St. Louis this August!
  • Sid the Science Kid: The Super-Duper Exhibit The Magic House, St. Louis Children's Museum Extended until August 31st! Based on the award-winning PBS Kids TV Series, and in collaboration with the Jim Henson Company, Sid the Science Kid will take your child on scientific adventures through hands-on, interactive activities. Visit their website at, or call (314) 822-8900 for more information.
  • Stingrays at Caribbean Cove presented by Mercy St. Louis Zoo 4/18 - 9/28/2014 The stingrays are back! Watch, touch, and even feed these gentle and elegant ocean creatures as they glide through the water in their tropical saltwater habitat. Visit or call (314) 781-0900 for further details and pricing.
  • Amazing Animal Encounters at the World Bird Sanctuary Saturdays and Sundays Watch your little one get captivated by the animals at the World Bird Sanctuary! Handlers will feature snakes, reptiles, birds and mammals teaching you all about these wonderful creatures that share our world. You and your child will have the opportunity to learn and observe these animals in a safe, up-close and personal environment. Afterwards take a stroll and look at all of the magnificent animals that live at the World Bird Sanctuary! Visit for event times and information
  • Emerson Children's Zoo Live Animal Shows St. Louis Zoo 5/24/2014 - 9/1/2014 The fascinating animals at the Zoo are sure to delight and amaze your child! Keepers handle both exotic and domestic animals as they perform natural behaviors on stage in the Emerson Children's Zoo. Contact the Zoo for showtimes and information at or (314) 781- 0900.
  • First Bank Sea Lion Shows St. Louis Zoo 5/26/2014 9/1/2014 Now experience the fun of the Sea Lion Show every day! With showtimes every day throughout the summer months, the sea lions will keep you entertained with their flipper walks, ball balancing, and splashing! Visit the new Lichtenstein Sea Lion Arena and see these magnificient creatures in action! Contact or call (314) 781-0900 for showtimes and ticket information.
  • Now What on August 2014???? Storytelling at the Museum Storytelling at the Museum Another great event at the Missouri History Museum for little ones! Introduce your 2-5 year old to a museum setting in a fun way, designed just for them! Explore history, create memories, and finish it off with a fun craft, activity or treat! What a great way to spend summertime with your child! These events are held at 10:30 am in the History Clubhouse. Visit for details and information.
  • More on August 2014 Storytelling at the Museum 8/1/14 -Musical Instruments 8/8/14 -Bumble Bee 8/15/14 -Strawberry Day 8/22/14 -Under the Sea 8/29/14 -What a Mess! Visit for more information on these programs!
  • Family Friendly Things to Do in St. Louis this August From experimenting with science to creating with art to making beautiful music, there are so many activities that you and your child can experience together! So go ahead and choose a few, mark it on your calendar and start filling your head with wonderful memories that will last you, and your child, a lifetime!
  • Contact Us for more Details Storytelling at the Museum (636)-379-2600 Bright Start Academy [email protected]
  • Contact Us for more Details Storytelling at the Museum (636)-379-2600 Bright Start Academy [email protected]