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Here is the presentation I am giving at a Middle School.

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  • 1. The Voicethread Venture By Pat Hensley [email_address] http://loonyhiker2.pbwiki.com

2. Agenda

  • About Me
  • What is Voicethread?
  • Examples of Voicethread
  • Demonstration
  • Exploration
  • Q & A

3. Who Am I?

  • Retired Special Ed Teacher (30 years)
  • Blogger ( http://successfulteaching.blogspot.com )
  • Adjunct Instructor at Furman University
  • Educational Consultant for teachers, schools, school districts, and parents
  • Hike, read, crochet, knit, travel, blog,and play on computer
  • Goal: to help teachers learn about the good tools they can use to meet their needs

4. What is Voicethread

  • PowerPoint on steroids-Colette Cassinelli
  • Interactive Digital Storytelling
  • Lots of fun!

5. Pricing

  • General Voicethread : free, only allowed 3
  • General Educator: free, unlimited online
  • Ed.Voicethread: one time fee $10, students have their own accounts
  • Class: $60 per year, teacher creates student accounts, custom web address
  • Library: $1 per user per year, give educators and students an account, custom web address, managed by Library

6. Examples 7. Lindero Canyon Middle School Book Talks http://voicethread.com/share/25559/ 8. 9. Demonstration

  • Round up some students/teachers.
  • Students/teachers upload photos
  • Students/teachers add comments
  • Share!

10. Exploration

  • Go tohttp://voicethread.com/
  • In the right top corner, click on register
  • To register, you have to give a user name and password.
  • Then click on educator which brings you to the price list
  • Educators can make unlimited voicethreads for free

11. 12. Create

  • Click on the Create Tab
  • Click on Upload and load pictures
  • Click on Comment to leave comments either in text, audio, or video.
  • Click on Share to finish.

13. Questions& Answers