Visual arts (new form of Arts)

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3rd year art

Text of Visual arts (new form of Arts)

  • 1. ARTS 3rd Quarter Third Year HS

2. Different branches of the arts Performing arts Music Literature Visual arts 3. Visual arts Drawing Painting Sculpture photography animation 4. New forms of art Assemblage- contemporary sculpture assembled from found objects and junk. 5. Collage a composition made up of a variety of assorted materials. newspaper clippings photographs pieces oddments of textile or fabric perhaps solid objectsall glued to a sheet of paper or board or canvas. 6. Fredlyst With Yellow Artifical Bone (1940) 7. InstallationVery Hungry God (2006) By postmodernist artist Sudobh Gupta. Assemblage made from stainless steel kitchen utensils, pots and pans 8. Pop-Art 9. Graffiti derives from the Greek graphein meaning a drawing or scribbling on a flat surface 10. Decorative Art work involving interior/fashion design, graphics, or computers, are known as "design" "applied art" and "craft" 11. Task: To be submitted on December 11,2013Design a work of art that involves a piano Keys 12. Example: 13. Conceptualized In your rubric, list down the materials needed for your Artwork next week. Draw your design