Unit 1: Speaking the same language

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<ul><li><p>UNIT 1: SPEAKING THE SAME LANGUAGE9TH GRADE A AND B</p><p>I. WRITE THE SPANISH MEANING AND THE DEFINITION OF THE FOLLOWINGWORDS. USE MERRIAM-WEBSTER.COM , WORDREFERENCE.COMOR DICTIONARY.CAMBRIDGE.ORG</p><p>Languages &amp; countriesCountries Australia nBelgium nBrazil nChina nEgypt nHolland nIndia nJapan nKenya nPeru n</p><p>Languages Arabic nCantonese nDutch nEnglish nFrench nHindi nJapanese nMandarin n</p><p>English Language DepartmentTeacher Danitza Lazcano F.</p></li><li><p>Portuguese nSpanish nSwahili nbilingual adjfirst language nforeign language nofficial language nmother tongue nsecond language n</p><p>Free timeeat out at restaurantsgo clubbinggo to the gymhave friends overlisten to musicplay soccerread the newspapershop downtownsurf the Internet</p><p>Communicationlisten to/hear about news storiesreceive messagessend messagestalk about/to other peopletell lies/the truthwrite about/to my friends</p></li></ul>


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