Twitter use in higher education

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The use of twitter in higher education is more than a fad. Twitter provides a medium ideally suited to supplement traditional teaching such that better learning outcomes can be achieved. [Disclaimer: all nice graphics are from @pieter_vh. All ugly ones and bad use of nice graphics, is to my credit]



2. BASICS OF TWITTER ARCHITECTURE OF THE CONVERSATION MEDIUM In timeline of all followers (unidirectional following) Open to everyone via Automatically in my timeline/mentions Open to everyone via 3. RANGE OF APPLICATIONS ITS NOT A FAD 4. Class Interaction Study Monitoring Motivate Motivated Metacognition Guests & Multicampus Personal Branding Lifelong Learning 5. EXAMPLES - INTERACTION 6. 1. CLASSROOM DISCUSSION Typically, class interaction involves 1 student at a time. Each interaction consumes class time. Twitter provides opportunity to have mass interaction: Character limit, so only little time per interaction Visualisation for rapid processing of opinions Incentive to provide a concise answer Question types: Yes/No; Multiple choice; Opinion; Why; Or even references and links to external sources 7. At the beginning of my advertising course (@KulAdv), I showed students two ads for the same product. Question: Which one is better: #kids vs #badjas? Why? 8. Result: Within 12 minutes, there were 106 responses of students following the class. Discussion of these tweets resulted in teachers insight in students reasoning, and students insights in the correct, false and overlooked parts of their reasoning These tweets were then sent to the makers of the ads, which they followed up with tweets to the class 9. 1. METACOGNITION, MOTIVATION, AND INTERACTION Students write an awful lot of papers. But know little about each others papers Are hardly pressed to really take a stance in them So, for a group paper assignment, I ask my students to tweet their key conclusion. Suddenly students knew about each others work and the popularity of their topic (often inverse to creativity) They had to think about a conclusion They informed the world (and their subject) about their opinion 10. Sixty papers, resulted in 157 tweets E.g. @KulAdv De Wakkere Bakker-Campagne, humor op maat gesneden! #groep22 #wakkere bakker @kuladv #groep 17 My latest SlideShare upload : AdCampagin_kul_groep17 RT @charlotte_devos: @KulAdv Joint advertising: stehrk in aandacht trekken, maar deze case blaast niet omver. Effectiviteit? #jointads #STIHL #Bel&Bo De schandalig goede campagne maakt Euro Millions schandalig rijk! #groep2takehome @Kuladv @TimSmitsTim @KulAdv @BinckBank_BE Wie laat u in uw douche? Wie mag uw rug masseren? Hoe BinckBank u overtuigt uw grootbank te verlaten. #ReclGroep41 [@BinckBank_Be: @BynensLaurens @RobRecule @KulAdv Benieuwd naar jullie resultaten! #ReclGroep41 11. TIPS TRICKS ISSUES 12. Which language to use? Strictly professional? Strictly research & education? Personal account or course account? Anxious/worried students? Trolls? Obligatory? It is #openedu. Expect to feel uncomfortable from time to time 13. #TWEXIT @timsmitstim - @kuladv - @kulmarcom @kulperscom - @ims_kul


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