Trendvoorspellingen opleidingsmarkt 2020 | Trends & forecast educational market 2020

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Higher education will look completely different from the way it is today. More and more entrepreneurs are challenging the education status quo. This presentation shows trends & forecasts of the education market in 2020.


  • 1. 1 Titel van de presentatie Classificatie
  • 2. Trendvoorspellingen opleidingsmarkt 2020Het nieuwe leren: van industrieel naar agrarirOrinteren op veranderingen in de educatiedienstverlening enveranderende paradigmas voor opleidingsorganisaties.Christiaan Paulo Tom17 september 20122 Trends & forecasts education market 2020
  • 4. If you are interested in the model of learning, youdont start from this production-line mentality Formal location Linearity Standardisation ConformityProduction-line mentality Educate people by batches INDUSTRIEEL MODEL VAN EDUCATIE METAFOOR Denk bijvoorbeeld aan gescheiden faculteiten en trainers die per uur doceren uit gestandaardiseerde lectuur en studenten die een voldoende voor het Algemene examen dienen te scoren.
  • 5. Educational improvement meansimproving the experience of individual learners What is the job of education? Education isnt a job students are trying to do. Their jobs are: feel successful, make progress and have fun with friends. Why choose this job if you can choose videogames, athletics, gangs and employment?5 Trends & forecasts education market 2020
  • 6. Seven faulty-habits of a highly ineffectiveeducation: nothing will improve itStatus Quo:- Why change what worked for more than 100 years?- Old habits die hard- Tyranny of common sense- Challenging what we take for granted, things that we think are obvious- People think, "Well, it cant be done any other way because thats the way its been done.- Why waste energy, time and money if the current education market is not working? Lets be more efficient rather than improving the quality of learning- Focus on managing education costs6 Trends & forecasts education market 2020
  • 7. One size does not fit all.The pace of educational change FACTS / RE-IMAGINE SUPPLY Think different and think anew: Old school industrialized model open, meaningful, sharing, colla of education: Society boration and lifelong learning. classroom, compulsory and one- size fits-all lectures and reading Humanity growth: materials. cultural, social, environmental. Humanity Factory plant model: education Digital technology and digital by standardization of testing and revolution of the new generation. curricula and batching student and scripted lectures. Self paced learning, mastery Digital world based approach, hybrid GAP collaboration and learning Gap between supply and environments, focused coaching. demand creates paradigm shifts Learning through exploration and and a quick pace of educational play. Education system changes. Shift from institutions to individuals7 Trends & forecasts education market 2020
  • 8. GAP: Traditional education fails to reach thepeople they most need to serve8 Titel van de presentatie InternSource: KPCB Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers The State Of The Web Mary Meekers (april 2012)
  • 9. More and more entrepreneurs are challengingthe education status quo- They believe in thinking out of the box. They believe in re-imagination of education- By making disruptive and radical innovations in education- The way to challenge the status quo is by making products beautifully designed, simple to use and user friendly- More and more entrepreneurs happen to make great education systems and platforms- Dare to think and do differently9 Titel van de presentatie Classificatie
  • 10. Entrepreneurs are showing how easy it is to flipthe educational processIn 2012, 2tor was declared the 8th most innovative education company on FastCompanys list of "The Worlds 50 Most Innovative Companies.Great Universities Higher education that The easiest way to "It is our mission tounleashed. They overcomes the learn how to code. Its accelerate learning forempower world class boundaries of interactive, fun, and students of all ages touniversities with great geography, time and you can do it with your help you learn whatonline higher money! friends. you want, when youeducation. want, at your own pace. 96 mln USD 16 mln USD 12,5 mln USD 7 mln USD 2000 students >1mln users >550.000 users >175 million lessons 2008 2012 2011 delivered 2006The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced that $9 million would be awarded in10 Titel van de presentatie Classificatiegrants to support breakthrough learning models in postsecondary education.
  • 11. And the university thought leaders in the USA arealso implementing education innovationsFrom Stanford to MIT to Harvard and beyond, there are massive open onlinecourses sprouting up everywhere.They believe in thinking and learning differently. But what do they believe?11 Titel van de presentatie Classificatie
  • 12. Higher education will look completely differentfrom the way it is today39% of participantsthink the traditionalcollege structure willnot change drasticallyaside from a deeperintegration of in-classroom technology About 60% of respondents believe higher education will look completely different in 2020 from the way it is today.Source: The Pew Internet & American opleidingsmarkt 2015+ Education Will Look Like in 2020 (n=1,021) Trendvoorspellingen Life Project Study, What Higher12
  • 14. Mapping education innovation formal location improve re-invent sustaining innovation disruptive innovation supplement transform informal locationSource: TEDtalk, Charles Leadbeater (2010)
  • 15. Disruptive innovations transform the2012 2020 educational market now Entrepreneurs disrupt the status quo Disruptive innovation: think anew, act anew. Re-invent and transform to new learning Reform is no use anymore, because thats simply improving a broken model What we need is not a evolution, but a revolution in education.