Tools and Apps for the Commerce Classroom

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1. VCTA Webinar Tools and Apps for the Commerce Classroom Anne Mirtschin @murcha 2. Popular apps with students! 3. To engage our students in learning 4. About Me 5. BYOD In a world of Bring Your Own Device, tools and apps need to be. 6. ...Across devices 7. AUSVELs Priority = Engagement with Asia 8. Resources 9. Money Smart 10. Free Technology for Teachers 11. Commoncraft Videos 12. (automatically credits license) 13. Making Choices Drinks Purchases! 14. Shortening urls for sharing with students 15. From. that! 16. Online timer 17. Application of online timer from participant! Year 12 accounting students played Megabucks, the board game, to try and differentiate between cash and profit. They had thirty minutes to play the game and the online timer worked to keep the game going at a faster rate. 18. Rando Name Picker The Fruit Machine etc 19. Quizlet- 20. Wordle: 21. A Student Wordle 22. Unit 4 VCE Accounting AOS 1 23. Virtual classrooms 24. ......................the chat! dont confuse me this tinme i dont get why you have that 400 on the debit side i always get confused between debtors and creditors, who do we pay, and who pays us?? 25. MS Lync 26. What do you need? download skype, username, password Desktop version and/or app internet access - reasonable bandwidth webcam a clean wall, screen or interactive whiteboard microphone skype account a professional learning network 27. What can skype do? Text chat 28. Skype linkups Share currency, foods, costs, where to buy Objects, pictures etc Virtual tours of Asian markets 29. ??? Mystery Skype ??? Mystery location Mystery career Mystery hobby or pastime Mystery currency 30. CEO of Public Radio International in USA Alisa Miller 31. 32. Search by subject 33. Toms shoes Interview with BLAKE MYCOSKIE, TOMS Founder 34. Search for Teacher 35. skype/zoom/googlehangouts with accountant, financial advisor, other expert speakers, your contacts. Your imagination is the limit! 36. You cant ask questions of a textbook! 37. How to search in Twitter? Goto Find the search window, key in your keyword(s) 38. @jransom stocktake done now the valuation of said stock RT @tipsytoesshoes: Its stocktake and moving time at the Tipy Toes warehouse. Become a FB fan and get 20% off all orders-we would rather sell it than move it! @sharpytheking Perpetual Stocktake @jeicher stocktake is complete. #relief @RossGoesRawrr @shan1209 Im lucky Im out the back doing stocktake all night noone has to see it lol @polyxena stocktake would help my students hugely. Havent done a stake in 10 years & serious mismatch bw shelves & catalogue Search for stock taking tweets 39. Create lists for senior students to follow 40. @auspost 41. @jpointon 42. Where to find people Google/Twitter tricks from Michael Soskil: Search Google with what you are looking for and Then you will get people with the terms you searched for in their profile. Find someone with around 2000 followers (more and they are not likely to respond), and chances are, they'll be willing to chat w/ your kids. Worked for me to get a chef, a video game designer, and a few other guests. 43. ### Hashtags #aussieED #edupreneur #socialstudies #edchat #mobilelearning #bized #businessed #businesstech 44. #tags on twitter great for connecting people with similar interests #edchat #vicpln #globaled #globalclassroom #ozseries #elemchat #innovatehere See Cyrarymans hashtags for educators 45. Twitter chats Cybraryman - List of twitter chats sVktUUGJpRWJhdUlWLS1Genc#gid=0 46. Backchannels Give every student a voice 47. Meet the scientists Melbourne Museum/Scienceworks 48. Are whales your favourite? Jemma year (King David School) Did whales once have legs? Emily year 6 (The King David School) wow by jeremy Have you ever scanned and 3D printed a fossil? Blake year 6 (and 3D printing champion)(by The King David School) did you help get that whale back into the water a few weeks ago16 minutes ago by jeremy How do you name the animals or find out the names of the animals if you've never seen the animal or fossil before? Jemma year 6 49. Twitter as a backchannel 50. 2014 Election Youth Forum Every student has a voice Election Youth Forum Q & A Style Gungahlin College, in conjunction with Electroboard (See Share Shape)and Community CPS Australia 51. Twitterfall - What will you do to help with the costs for rural students of moving away from home to attend higher education in the city. 52. Backchannel - backchannelchat 53. Collaborative writing 54. Titanpad or piratepad free online pad 55. Google apps Document Sheet Presentation Forms 56. Global Online Discussions with school in Ipoh, Malaysia 57. International Friendship Day 58. Crowd sourcing apps f or Year 11 Melbourne Work Experience Students 59. Padlet online sticky walls 60. 61. Brainstorming for a video that will provide 10 clues about the country we are from! 62. Our clues 63. Online posters/flyers 64. Pinterest search budgets 65. Toondoo- Online cartoon maker 66. What an amazing network can do! Choices in where to shop Including Asian markets 67. Created a survey in google forms Tweeted out link 40 people across the world responded From 9 different countries Included students 68. Endang Palupi - Indonesia ok :).. this market only for special moment as we will celebrate idul fitri , poor people could celebrate it wit cheap price on this market. and offered to take photos for me. 69. Global apps Email 70. eFind Me Twitter ID = murcha Learn more from webinars Tech Talk Tuesdays: Web conference coach Digital Learning DET