The Seven Most Popular Ballets

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  • 1. ByChastity K. Blair July 27, 2011IDT 7061

2. #7 (Cinderella) Composed in 1945 by Sergei Prokofievs Choreographed by Frederick Ashton, this full-length production using Prokofievs music turned out to be a huge success. Cinderella isnt just a movie, its a ballet too! Artist: Podi Lawrence 3. #6 (Sleeping Beauty)Composed by TchaikovskySleeping Beauty is a perfect match for ballet - royal celebrations in a magnificent castle,the battle of good and evil and the triumphant victory of everlasting love.The choreography was created by world renowned Marius Pepita who alsochoreographed The Nutcracker and Swan Lake.Artist: Unknown 4. #5 (Peter Pan)Because there is no set in stone way toperform the piece, it can be interpreteddifferently by each producer,choreographer and music director.Peter Pan is a marvelous ballet fit forthe entire family; thats why its a classic. Artist: Miyabi 5. #4 (Coppelia) Composed by Delibes The story written by Arthur Saint-Lon and Charles Nuitter is a light hearted tale portraying mans conflict between idealism and realism, art and life. Its world premier with the Paris Opera was successful in 1871 and remains successful today.Artist: Podi Lawrence 6. #3 (A Midsummer Nights Dream)Composed in 1962 by GeorgeBalanchineA Shakespeare classic that is apopular and enjoyable ballet thatalmost anybody will love.Artist: Rosalie OConner 7. #2 (Swan Lake)Composed by TchaikovskySwan Lake is the most technically and emotionally challenging classical ballet.Its music far exceeded its time, noting that many of its early performers claimed it wastoo difficult and complex to dance to. Artist: Miyabi 8. #1 (The Nutcracker) Composed in 1891 by Tchaikovsky The most performed ballet of the modern era. It wasnt until 1944 when the first production of The Nutcracker was performed in America by the San Francisco Ballet. Since then it has become a tradition to perform during the holiday season and its story brings joy to children and adults alike. Artist: Miyabi 9. References The Nutcracker (Sugar Plum Fairy Pas De Deux)Artist: Miyabi