The serpent of manlleu (Belgium)

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A presentation of the legend The Serpent of Manlleu by WICO Campus Mater Dei from Overpelt

Text of The serpent of manlleu (Belgium)

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2. The river Ter in Manlleu is the site of someincredible legends 3. Watch out! The serpent is notan ordinary snake! 4. It eats everything in site:pigs, horses, donkeys and sheep;it eats chariots, soldiers and priests 5. Pere dared to walk into the Devesa forest 6. Pere thought; This is my chance. He grabbed thediamond and ran as fast as he could. 7. The serpent came back from the river. You cantimagine how angry it became when it saw thediamond had been stolen. 8. The serpent used its strange powers andfollowed the scent of the thief. 9. I will hide the diamond under the mortar the boy thought. 10. The serpent wrapped its body aroundthe mortar. It wanted to turn it, tobreak it The serpent squeezed andsqueezed but finally, exhausted, itdied 11. They offered the diamond to Our Lady of the Spring.