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The many hats of james laster

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  • Hello! I am James Laster! I am an aspiring educational leader that will some day be responsiblebeginning one of the most effective and innovative K-8 charter schools in Northern Virginia. I enjoy challenges of all types! I enjoy meeting new people and helping them to be successful as a person, student, and teacher.


  • I am married to my high school sweet heart. She swept me away when I was a senior in high school and we have been together every since. On April 5 th , 2011 we will celebrate 15 years together!


  • I am the proud father two beautiful children. My son Nickolas is a 10 year old scholar and basketball player. My daughter is a 3 year old singer, dancer, and artist. I feel like Fathers dad is everyday for me!


  • I am a music educator of 7 years. I have taught grades pre-K to 12 . I an currently a music specialist for Lake Anne Elementary School in Reston, Virginia. I am also the lead specialist teacher, serve on the pyramid choral events panel, and chairman of public relations for Fairfax County General Music Association.


  • In my spare time, I enjoy coaching division C basketball, flag football, and soccer!


  • In my neighbor hood, I enjoy working with others to organize progressive dinner parties, childrens events, and welcome parties for new comers!


  • I play an active role in church activities! I am involved with special events organization, mentoring, and encouraging others through the tides of life.