Tell me about yourself!

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  • Tell Me About Yourself!

  • What is autobiography?Our name tells a story. It tells the story of who we are. Our lives tell a story too. The story of our life is called an autobiography.

  • What's, I'm, phone number, address, birthday ,favorite subject

  • What is your name?

    What is your address?

    My name is Sue Lee. My address is 33 Main Street, New York.

  • 3. What is your phone number?

    4. When is your birthday?

    My phone number is 864-2769My birthday is on October 14,1990

  • 5. What is your place of birth?

    6. What is your nationality?.

    7. How tall are you?

    8. What is your weight? My place of birth is China. Im Chinese. Im 155 cm. tall. I weigh 45 kg.


  • 9. What is your favorite subject?

    10. What school are you in?

    My favorite subject is English.Im in Green Hill school.

  • Identification Card Name________________ ________________________ First Name Last Name Address___________________________________________ Phone Number___________________________________________ Date of Birth___________________________________________ Place of Birth__________________ Nationality ______________ Height_________________ Weight ________________ School___________________________________________ Favorite Subject___________________________________________SueLee33 Main Street New York864-2769October 14,1990ChinaChinese155 cm.45 kg.EnglishGreen Hill School

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  • Can you tell me about your auto biography?

  • See you!!T.Santita Tanprasert