Teamwork & Leadership

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introduces the vales of team work , how to create a successful team , the good leader treats and his attitude towards his members , and finally how to be a good team memberThanks to Eman Adel , Ahmed Sabek and Sherif Shwaki

Text of Teamwork & Leadership

  • 1. Special thanks to Ahmed Sabek

2. Arabic Prespective 3. Foreign Prespective 4. Synergy Why do we need TeamWork? 1 + 1 = 11 Synergy = team > indviduals Teamwork is like photomosiac 5. Forming Norming StormingTeam PerformingCreation Adjourning 6. Love and respect TrustTeamValues Appreciate Be Flexible 7. How to deal withDifferentpersonalities 8. Expressive Knowing too much Interrupts all the time ShowyTalkative 9. Quite Shy Break the ice Ask them open ended questions Show interest in them Invite them to non officail meetings 10. Arguing & Complaining Show the aim of workSit with them aside Show harmness of attitude 11. PersonalityInfinite FlexabilityDifficult membersLong-Term VisionCreates spiritWORK!!!Good Leader 12. 6 WordsI Admit I did WrongIf you PleaseWhats your opinionThank youI am proud of YouWeGood Leader 13. Great leaders dontcreate followers , theycreate more Leaders! 14. Good Team Player Act Flexibly Cooperate with his team-mates and leader Motivator , Appreciator! Respect all team-members Committed! 15. Teamwork divides thetask and multiplies thesuccess! 16. Sumup Arabic and Foreign prespictive Synergy Team Creation Team Values How to deal with different personalities Good Leader Good Team Player 17. Questions