Teamwork Effectiveness

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Collaboration and Teamwork

Collaboration and teamwork are the ability to work cooperatively with others and create group synergy in pursuing collective goals.

Collaboration and Teamwork in actionPeople with high C&TEnjoy working with othersParticipate actively in building the capacity of the teamTake shared responsibility for team resultsEnjoy team accomplishments and shared rewards

People with low C&T Prefer to work aloneWithhold information from other team members Engage in win-lose competitionAvoid conflict resolution with otherteam members

The 3Ps of teamwork

Stages of team formationFormingStormingNormingPerformingAdjourning or transforming


Team synergyThe knowledge, skills, information, creative thinking, personality traits, and efforts of individuals can be combined effectively within a team and lead to better outcomes than the sum of the outcomes of the same people when they act individually.

The whole is stronger than the sum of its parts

A model of team effectiveness

Performance & Rewards

Decide what performance to measure

Determine how to measure performance

Identify rewards to be offered

Integrate related processes

Conflict ResolutionBecause of an inability to resolve conflict the team may splinter and sub-groups may form. Anticipate conflict, know why it arises and have personal and team strategies to deal with it.Importance of protocols to manage conflict and other problems"Don't blame the people. Blame the system"

Teamwork CompetenciesCommunicationCommunicating InstructionsProviding FeedbackListening for Understanding

ExecutionResponding to RequestsFollowing Through

Performance ImprovementSetting Performance GoalsRewarding ImprovementDealing With FailureAssessing Strengths and Weaknesses

ExecutionResponding to RequestsFollowing Through

7 ways for success

Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4Stage 5Stage 6Stage 7HELLO, I AM Whats our Destination?What are the Costs/Benefits asPerceived by the individual/Team?What Skills Do we need to Acquire?What is the Best Route?How can we Compromise and Work Together?WE ARE

Muhammad Taman