Teaching preparation for portfolio musicians

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Teaching Preparation for the Portfolio Career

Teaching Preparation forthe Portfolio CareerKeith Hatschek, Professor of Music ManagementDr. Jonathan Latta, Assistant DeanUniversity of the Pacific Conservatory or Music


KH Intro both of us and do lead off slide - Screen grab of Title slide with student musician


Is this Typical?33

JL- Mention tradition of focusing on musicians musical training using performance ability as the main determinant of successful outcomeWhy this is not the sole arbiter of success today?Literature now supports teaching and learning that is geared toward the preparation of a musician able to navigate a portfolio of activities resulting in a successful life in music (Beeching & Cutler)Where do you create space for such learning?


Where Does This Fit in Students Journey?4

JL-Afford them the time and space to investigate the question, Why are you in music?How do you define success?Is your thinking getting in your way? What kind of partnerships are you developing? How meaningful is your work?Angela M. Beeching, Beyond Talent InterludeCite Lattas goal sheet as one means to help students consider, measure and refine their thinking


Music-Centric ActivitiesPERFORMINGTEACHINGARRANGINGCOMPOSINGRECORDINGWRITING ABOUT TOPICS (blogs, critiques, etc.)ARTS ADMINISTRATION (non-profit, manager)MUSIC BUSINESS (marketing, finance, HR, etc.)5

KH-Discuss how these careers relate to the portfolio musician5

MMGT 109: Beyond Talent6


2-credit class offered by Music Management programEmphasis on reflective journals to respond to texts questions Artists develop image materials, website, etc. Design, budget and plan an outward facing project/event5-Year Career Plan to build ownership of managing their own self-sufficient life in music

KH- A class is not a solution

To instill self-sufficiency in young artists, the dialog about portfolio activities needs to live in as many different classroom and co-curricular experiences as possibleInvite multiple colleagues from multiple perspectives to help plan and implement opportunities for students


Creating a Cycle of Connections7






Annela F. Sophomore Music Therapy major singer songwriterTook Beyond Talent class built plan for benefit concert for care facility in IndiaHosted concert, raised $1,000Designed CD project as soph., wrote songs junior, recorded and released as a senior in our recording studio with student session musicians and engineersNow a practicing Therapist with confidence to take risks, dream large and know how to manage events, budgets, and recordings




Senior brass perf student with quintetCreates initiative to organize web presence, ensemble look, name/brand, recordingsDevelops touring schedule to includeHS outreach concerts/talksPaid local performancesPartner with MMGT major to help with bookings and touring



Both of us-

Existing culture of Standard Curriculum Faculty not conversant with portfolio lifeWhat faculty will own this? Budget/resourcesLocation? On campus guests and off campus ops for studentsIt takes time . . .


DiscussionHow can a music program create/evolve a culture that has conversations/teaching about musicians working at its heart?

Please take 2-3 minutes to discuss with your neighbors. Lets share some ideas. 11

BOTH OF US - Use text11

ConclusionsExperience should be collaborative

Have the skills developed through an integrated student journey

Provide scaffolded opportunities for faculty to grow and embrace portfolio musician-based education

It takes time

Keith Hatschek (khatschek@pacific.edu) and Jonathan Latta (jlatta@pacific.edu)