Preparation & Development of Professional Portfolio

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Preparation & Development of Professional Portfolio . Workshop: Danielson A Presenter: Mrs. Shirley J. Delgado M. A. . Agenda . What is the purpose of the professional portfolio? What are the components of the professional portfolio? What are artifacts? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Preparation & Development of Professional Portfolio Workshop: Danielson APresenter: Mrs. Shirley J. Delgado M. A.

Agenda What is the purpose of the professional portfolio?What are the components of the professional portfolio? What are artifacts?What are some examples of artifacts for each component?

Danielsons FrameworkFramework encourages teachers to develop comprehensive portfolios of professional work. What is the purpose of the professional portfolio?The teaching portfolio should be constructed to contain several examples of professional practice. According to the recommendation of Danielson

The 10 Components of a Professional PortfolioArtifacts are evidence that supports compliance of a component. What are artifacts?

1. Resume & Certifications A current resumeCopies of certifications Supplemental Artifacts:Cover lettersList of references Background information on teacher and teaching contextEducational philosophy and teaching goals

2. Student Growth Objectives (SGO)List of assessment/s used to measure SGOSGO GoalsDeadlines established to meet SGO goals Supplemental Artifacts:Copies of assessment tools

3. Evaluations & PIPEvaluation Reports for the current school yearA copy of the previous years PIP for everyone not new to the district Supplemental Artifacts:Any informal observations recorded

4. Professional Development Documents Certificates received for professional development you have attended for the cycleList of professional development workshops conducted by youList of the current school years professional development hours Supplemental Artifacts:Information you received at the workshops you attendedNotes you took at a workshopCopy of handouts given by you at your workshops

5. Samples of Student Work Complete samples of the writing process for written assignments Mathematical or scientific open ended problems showing the students work Finished products or pictures of student presentationsRubrics Supplemental Artifacts:Video links to student presentationsPictures of models or posters created by the students.

6. Evidence of Extended ActivitiesList of sports you coachList of clubs you adviseExtra instructional services you provide (Saturday HSPA, 9 for 9)List of positions held in committees List of students you provide with extra tutoring after school hoursSupplemental Artifacts:Participation in community service projectsParticipation in school events

7. Family Advocacy Phone log of calls made homeCopies of progress reports sent homeLog of parents that attended parent teacher night or in person meetings at school E-mails shared with guidance counselors , parents, or CITs regarding your students performanceSupplemental Artifacts:Welcome back letters sent homeLetters sent home explaining your grading system, online grading, or homework policy

8. Acknowledgements List of awards receivedLetters of recommendationLetters of appreciationSupplemental Artifacts:Thank you cards Letter from a parent thanking you for your countless efforts

9. Data DocumentsData sheet containing scores of assessments used for SGOA document containing the measured growth of your students Supplemental Artifacts:Scores of other tools used to differentiate your instruction NJASKPSATSATACTDORALearning style quizPersonality survey

10. Evidence of Use of TechnologyPictures of students using technologyStudent work samples completed through the means of technologyCopy of online grade books Supplemental Artifacts:Links to WikisLesson plans reflecting your students use of technologyLinks to student created workVideo links of students using technologyCopy of a power point lesson

Last Reminder Date everything !

Hope you have a great school year