Teaching and Learning with Google Apps

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  • 1. Teaching and Learning withGoogle AppsMartin Hamiltonmartin_hamiltonhttp://martinh.netThese slides: http://goo.gl/PI8o4

2. Google Apps: SelectedHighlightsGmail 25GB of storage for emailGroups Self-service mailing listsCalendar Makes sharing calendars and schedules easyDocs Collaborate to create documents, spreadsheets, surveys andpresentationsSites Self-managed websites with easy to use editingHangouts Free videoconferencing with collaborative Docs editingMarketplace Extend the functionality of Google Apps 3. Gmail 4. Google Calendar 5. Google Docs 6. Google Docs 7. Google+ Hangouts 8. Joining Google+ 9. Google Apps Usage Stats 10. Google Apps Usage Stats 11. Use Cases in Education Engaging with pre-sessional students, alumni etc Online tutorial groups, part time distance learners, multiple campuses Inter-institutional research collaboration, developing papers and funding proposals Remote IT support (platform neutral) Promoting your "brand" Student clubs and societies 12. Google tools via my.Lboro 13. le rt! e A a ngC hti ve sr upDi 14. Death of the (institutional) VLE? 15. Post-PC: Some Early Indications 700,000 Android devices activated/day Amazon Kindle Fire particularlysuccessful Over 75 million iPads sold Microsoft reported to be porting Office to the iPadThe new IT environment is "curated" byAmazon, Apple or Google, not the institution 16. Chromebook Boots in