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Ill Show You Mine if Youll Show Me Yours! Online Badges That IsTCEA 2015Dr. Mary Ann BellDr. Holly WeimarSam Houston State UniversityHuntsville TX

As a scout I was a total badge hound. There were a couple of years when I think I learned more from pursuing scout badges than I learned at school. 2

We already give students recognition for sports and other activities, and offering them positive recognition in the classroom can be a powerful motivator.3

Adults are motivated by awards. I know the occasions when I have been recognized, even in small ways, have really stayed with me.


Badges, patches, pins, etc. are used in lots of arenas. This fellow was at the rock and mineral show in Austin, T. He proudly wore his vest displaying badges from all the shows he had done in the past. During conferences like TCEA and TLA, we proudly wear any ribbons we can add to your registration ID. At TLA we always have a big demand for the ribbons we give to students and alumni.


Back about 20 years ago, the business world got excited about badging. Here are some examples of publicly shared badge.6

This is an interesting side issue for adultsNEGATIVE badges. Its not something to recommend but I thought you might want to be aware.7

BADGING IN SCHOOLSBadging is part of commercial online learning environments.8CONSIDER KHAN ACADEMY, Edmodo, and P2PU

Consider P2PU, Peer to Peer University. Badges are one of their features.9

I have communicated with educators who really like the use of DOJO badges to encourage positive work habits and behavios.10


American Library and YALSA have been using badges for several years.11ALSO UNSHELVED!!!

They are also used by Nerdy Book Club and Unshelved.12WHAT CAN GIVERS & RECIPIENTS DO WITH THEIR BADGES?COLLECT THEM! People love to collect things!SHARE with family and friendsFeature on Library WebsitesAdd to FacebookStudents in our program are showing theirs in their portfoliosEnjoy recognition from peers and other campus usersSit back and gloatA school badge showcase could be created

ISNT THIS A LOT LIKE AR?How is this different from AR or other reading programs? 14

ISNT THISPAVLOVIAN?Actually Pavlov did make a pointmy dog does respond very well to recognition as well as treats. He loves it when I say GOOD BOY!!! Kids need similar attaboys.15Doesnt thisSHUDDERmake me a Skinner loving behaviorist???

NAH!Oh and Skinner really didnt keep that kid in the box 24/7. Look it up.16

MY SURVEY RESULTS WERE MOSTLY POSITIVEFIRST 3 QUESTIONS WERE ABOUT ATTITUDES:How did earning badge make you feel?How did it feel NOT to earn a badge?Did the badges motivate you?REPRESENTATIVE COMMENTS FROM SURVEY

How did it make you feel to receive a badge?I felt successful and was therefore more competitive in my assignments because I wanted to earn more badges.How did you feel to NOT receive a badge?BummedDid badges motivate you to try for a specific one?I am going to do my best work whether I earn a badge or not, but it was nice motivation to keep working just as hard throughout the semester.I always tried to earn the creativity badge.Yes. It is a conversation at the dinner table when I receive a badge/award.How many badges should be offered? Most people said around 5, which is what I recommend.What actions or behaviors should be recognized?Superior work, students who provide help to their fellow students, original ideas/workAt what age would badges work? Answers ranged from primary grades to adults.Are you considering starting to use badges. Five people said yesOne person, a librarian, said she wanted to use with teachers.



MOST NEGATIVE SURVEY COMMENT: I felt that I was beyond the place in my life where I needed a sticker to affirm that I was doing well.

HOW DO I START??Suppose you decide to take the plungehow to begin?


Here is a link to my article in Theres a bibliography for more information.Do some research. My article is a good start, if I do say so. If not for the content, there is use offered via the bibliography.22

Suppose you decide to move forward. First you should think things through thoroughly and make a plan. Try to foresee any consequences that are not positive that you want to avoid.23WHAT IS YOUR GOAL? WHAT OUTCOME DO YOU WANT TO PROMOTE?EVIDENCE BASED OR NOT?HOW TO EARN?SHARE PUBLICLY?


Get together with colleagues and talk about the idea. It is also wise to notify an administrator before starting to use badges.


I recommend starting out with baby steps. Just give one or maybe two badges at first. You might want to just try it out in one class. 26HERES AN IDEA SUGGESTED BY A SURVEY PARTICIPANT

HOW ABOUT USING WITH TEACHERS?This could be a great idea! 27DO Keep Badges Digital

I used Credly to make and manage badges. strongly recommend you do not get into the business of handing out paper badges or certificates. Your kids live online anyway, just share them that way. Badging should not turn into a circus, or a big competition with additional prizes. I know some systems tie badges to grades but for my part I would advise not doing this either. I think the goal is just to give support to kids for positive behavior and work habits. Tying them to academic grades may disenfranchise students who can potentially benefit the most from your praise and encouragement.28TRY THESE TWO FREE ONLINE SERVICES!

Here are some negative issues to avoid30HERE ARE SOME THINGS I RECOMMEND NOT TO DO

Dont tie them to grades!Dont start with too many.Dont give them so often that the become meaningless.Dont take them beyond online posting or bolster them with material prizes.

The next slide gives some tips for positive use.32DO Keep grades out of your badging.DO Give badges frequently but seek balance so as not to cheapen themDO Use for things that are behaviors you want to fosterDO Have some badges that any student can attain.DO Make it clear how to earn each badge.

DO keep grades out of badgingfocus on behaviors intead.33IDEAS FOR CLASSROOM TEACHERS

Using with 7th graders in a particular unitto encourage readingComputer/Internet skillsSkill based badgesSmaller Badges could lead to biggerUse for out-of-school learning


NEIL KRASNOFF ON BADGESNeil is librarian at Highland Park High School,TexasHe wants to use Mozilla Open Badges His idea is a collaborative project among librarians to create a badge ecosystem for information literacy. in if youre in Region 10!

DISCLAIMERTHIS DOES TAKE SOME TIME!This is especially true when setting up.Using a site like or Classbadges does save time.Creating a webpage just for badges is best alternative.Once system in place, its easy to maintain.Come up with the easiest and least time consuming way you can set up. 37

If its not fun, dont do it!38ALL MARY ANN BELLS STUFF CAN BE FOUND AT is additional content relevant to this presentation as well as other presentations at the site above.

HELPFUL SITES:CredlyThis site can help you make badges easily and quickly. It is also useful for managing them. The Teachers Guide to Badges in Education from Edudemic: Badges for learning: Badging the Library Parts 1 and 2: Badges For Academic Research? 7 Things You Should Know About Badges:

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Classbadges is a one stop shop for getting started!

Michael Bolls Badging Presentations

This article by Anne OBrien talks about out-of-school learning

Blended Librarian: Digital Badges for Learning: Exploring the Possible Impact on Higher Education & Libraries:

Neil Krasnoff;s Presentation:


The first is from American Library Association. Click on it to go to the related page and Love Your Library.

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