Digital Badges and Information Literacy Instruction

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Digital Badges and Information Literacy Instruction. Andrew Battista ALA 2014 Annual Meeting LITA Games Making Interest Group June 29, 2014. Limited college learning Grade inflation No measurable acquisition of critical thinking skills. Academically Adrift. Flawed Measures. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Digital Badges and Information Literacy Instruction

Digital Badges and Information Literacy Instruction

Digital Badges and Information Literacy InstructionAndrew BattistaALA 2014 Annual Meeting LITA Games Making Interest GroupJune 29, 2014Academically Adrift

Limited college learningGrade inflationNo measurable acquisition of critical thinking skillsFlawed MeasuresMultiple choice tests condense learning into a finite set of choices, one of which is ostensibly correct

Demonstrate an understanding of the major policies that form the foundation of social welfareIdentify populations-at-risk and describe the dynamics whereby such populations come to the oppressed and discriminated against..Apply critical thinking skills to the analysis of issues of social and economic justice.Describe the roles of social work in relation to social policy, including the role of the NASW Code of Ethics in social welfare policy practice.Analyze policies in terms of their influence in the lives of citizens and clients of the social welfare system, with special attention to such diverse groups as children, women, racial and ethnic minorities, the elderly, gays and lesbians.Read, analyze and evaluate social welfare policies and programs

Broken AssessmentWe will not eliminate grade-grubbing until we change our current educational system

Treated as secondary to classroom learningNot attached to gradesLimited contact with studentsDuplication of instruction effortsInformation Literacy InstructionBadge Initiatives Badges contribute to, identify, recognize, measure, and account for new skills wherever and whenever learning takes place

Learning Management Systems

Design badge systemsAssign to specific usersTransfer achievements across courses


1. Department or Program

UC Davis Sustainable Agriculture and Food SystemsSWK 203 Introduction to Social Welfare and Social WorkSWK 350 Introduction to Social Work PracticeSWK 355 Research in Social WelfareSWK 373 Social PolicySWK 420 Social Work Practice with CommunitiesSWK 455 Social Work PracticumSocial Justice BadgeCensus Data Badge

Credential Achievements2. Ongoing System of RewardsChar Booth, Claremont Libraries

Lemontree, University of Huddersfield, UK3. Credit-Bearing Course

Curation Culture: Information Literacy, Brain Science, Social Media

One-creditNo grades



List CriteriaCreate a Twitter account with a public profileEstablish topically-oriented lists that have descriptionsCreate multiple lists that span disparate spheresFollow other users and their listsFollow and save hashtag searches that are meaningful to you (e.g., #curationculture)Establish principles for consuming information on TwitterDifferentiate between Twitters various functions, retweets, favorites, replies, and show how you use each of them

Structure Recursiveness Encourage the mastery of concepts by rewarding students who revisit earlier learning

Incorporate Fun ElementsCreate hidden achievements Instill elements of surprise to enhance the game

ImprovementEstablish game environmentDownplay competitionFind middle ground

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