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These are my idea of what I wish to happen in my video, please note that this is very basic and limited to my very bad drawing skills.

The on some shots indicate where the camera will be.

Something to clear up, there will be more cuts than just these as I would end up with around 40 sheets of paper.

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In my research rock videos have guitars central to them therefore throughout my video I will have cuts to the guitar frequently of the guitarist recreating the riff played by the band.

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From my research I have learnt that nearly all the videos start with either a medium close up or a close up on the singer to introduce the song.

It is important to note that in nearly all the videos the singer is always the first to have their face shown I will keep this convention in my video.

I will also cut to and from clips of the singer miming on the video, also toward the slow section of the song, I will go to a close up to show the emotion on the singers face.

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This shot would be used near the chorus, the side by side angle would be used to show unity between the band members.

I might also consider using the 180 degree rule to show a spinning pan shot.

Rock videos rarely use these more than once a video, usually these would be done with a bassist and a guitarist, however I am going to have to break conventions and use my singer and guitarist as I have no bassist.

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These shots are all individual condensed on to one sheet.

All these shots are designed for the guitar solo, using many famous guitar techniques such as the long shot jump, the swaying guitar and the famous camera up the neck shot, all these are designed to give the guitarist more screen time as usually singers get most of the time.

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• Those are my “montage shots” most rock videos have a story and integrate numerous shots of the band like mine above into the story.

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My first shot to the action shots, is of the Gangster walking down a road to the place where the Cadillac will be beaten.

The shot will become from a long shot to a close up, but to add a sense of mystery the Gangster will not walk directly into the camera more to the side so not to see his face.

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The camera will for this scene will be on a tripod and will simply rotated to get the view of the Gangster entering and then the introduction of the Cadillac drinking a beer.

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Extreme Close Up (Woooooooaahhh)

This is a particulary important scene with two extreme close ups. Eyes are dynamic and will dominate the screen, I could do this two ways, have a split screen effect like this or have two different shots taken. I might ask my peers to vote on that.

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I plan to do a long shot for this scene and have my actors mime insults at each other as if they are arguing.

I may try and incorporate the 180 degree rule, however it would add to the scenes length since I would have to go 360 to get back to normal or the next shot wont work.

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This is an over the shoulder shot behind the Gangster’s shoulder he will then proceed to punch the Cadillac. I have gone for over the shoulder since it will show no expression on the Gangsters face.

It will then proceed to a high angle shot making the unconscious Cadillac look weak.

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A low angle shot towards the Gangster to show his power over the Cadillac.

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For the closing shot, I will have the camera move in towards the Cadillac's eye then as the songs last beat plays an extreme close up on his eye to end.