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Texas Campus STaR Chart Summary

Texas STaR ChartAnalysis of Hermes Elementary STaR Chart findings

The Texas Teacher STaR Chart is designed to help teachers, campuses, and districts determine their progress toward meeting the goals of theLong-Range Plan for Technology, as well as meeting the goals of their district.Agenda Key Areas of STaR Chart

Hermes Elementary School and our STaR Chart Results


Discussion with Grade Level Teams

Mrs. Pietsch with her 2nd Grade Bilingual ClassKey Area IPattern of Classroom UseFrequency/Design of Instructional SettingContent Area ConnectionsTechnology Applications (TA) TEKS implementationStudent Mastery of Technology ApplicationsOnline LearningKey Area IIProfessional Development ExperiencesModels of Professional DevelopmentCapabilities of EducatorsAccess to Professional DevelopmentLevels of Understanding and Patterns of UseProfessional Development for Online LearningKey Area IIILeadership and VisionPlanningInstructional SupportCommunication and CollaborationBudgetLeadership and Support for Online LearningKey Area IVStudents per ComputerInternet Access Connectivity SpeedOther Classroom TechnologyTechnical SupportLocal Area Network Wide Area NetworkDistance Learning Capacity

Statewide Summary vs. Hermes Elementary SchoolKey Area I:Teaching and LearningKey Area II:Educator Preparation and DevelopmentKey Area III:Leadership, Administration and Instructional SupportsKey Area IV:Infrastructure for TechnologyState Averages(07-08)Developing % 69.7

Advanced %25.5

Target %0.9Developing %74.2

Advanced %19.9

Target %0.6Developing %49.0

Advanced %45.5

Target %3.6Developing %34.9

Advanced %57.2

Target %6.7HermesSchool Rating

DevelopingDevelopingDevelopingDevelopingCampus Statewide Summary by Key Areas (07-08)

Texas STaR Chart Manuel


Discussion with Grade Level Teams