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Spiro compounds

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probably one of my best ppt design. short presentation about spiro compounds.

Text of Spiro compounds


2. PLAN Definition Types Nomenclature Synthesis Chirality Uses 3. A spiro compounds are bi- or polycyclic organic compounds with rings connected through just one atom.The rings can be different in nature or identical. The connecting atom is also called the spiroatom,DEFINITION most often a quaternary carbon ("spiro carbon") 4. TYPESTheres a mono- (2 rings)and poly- (3 or more) spirocompounds_________________________ 5. eight?NOMENCLATURE 6. PROPOSED Baeyer in 1900by Adolf von 7. All spiro compounds have theinfix spiro followed by squarebrackets containing the numberof atoms in the smaller ring andthe number of atoms in thelarger ring excluding thespiroatom itself; the numbersMONOSPIRObeing separated by a dot.COMPOUNDS 8. A is called 1-bromo-3-chlorospiro[4.5]decan-7-ol and compoundB is called 1-bromo-3-chlorospiro[3.6]decan-7-ol. 9. dispiro [] dodecan POLYSPIROCOMPOUNDSWhen naming polyspiro compounds, the prefixes di-, tri-,tetra-, etc. are first added to the front of the name toindicate the amount of spiroatoms, the single atomsbetween each ring.The atoms of the compound arenumbered systematically. A polyspiro compound isnumbered starting from a ring that holds one connectingspiroatom to another ring, i.e. a terminal ring; there can betwo or more terminal rings to a polyspiro compound, solong as each of these rings has only one connectingspiroatom. In the terminal ring chosen to start thenumbering, an atom of the ring next, and connected to thespiroatom, is labeled 1. Each following atom is numberedone higher than the previous - going around the compound. 10. SYNTHESIS 11. We can obtain spiro compoundsusing intramolecular cyclization,intra/intermolecular condensationSYNTHESIS 12. SYNTHESIS Spiro compounds can also be obtained by regrouping another polycyclics 13. SYNTHESISHeterocyclic spiro compounds areproduced by the methods used insynthesis of simple heterocycliccompounds 14. *CHIRALITY*term used to describing an object that isnon-superposable on its mirror image 15. CHIRALITY spiro Somecompounds exhibitaxial chirality. Spiroatoms can be centers of chirality even when they lack the required fourdifferent substituentsnormally observed inchirality. 16. USES Spiro compounds used as plasticizers (eg, glycerinacetal cyclic ketons), in perfumery, intermediate products in the synthesis of epoxy, in producing medicine. some spiro compounds are used as photochromic materials Spiro forms of lactones and oxazines are frequently used as leuco dyes, frequently displaying chromism - reversible change between their colorless and color form. 17. [email protected] chemical engineering10

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