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Siebel Business Review

Keaton SwettMonday, June 21, 2010

What is SlideSharePublic sharing of documents, pdf files, presentations and more

Rising popularity approx. 25 million visitors per month

Newly introduced video upload capabilities 500 megabyte size limit 5 videos per month

Easy to use FREE!

Social Media

Primary Capabilities of SlideShare

ChannelsAllows companies to create and sponsor specific micro-sites, i.e. channels on SlideShare.netCompanies can organize channels around specific topics, brands, or product launchesProvides easy way to focus SlideShare content on a certain topic in a specific location.

AdShareWith AdShare, companies can advertise their content which pops up based on user preferencesSimilar to personalized ads on other internet sites.

Documents promoted on SlideShare search page

LeadShareLeadShare allows companies to use SlideShare as a lead generation toolUsers are prompted to provide contact info before, during, or after a presentation.Leads collected with LeadShare are opt-in, making the leads people who are interested in the content and have willfully opted-in to fill out the lead form.

What are the benefits of SlideShare?No VPN needed3rd party can view content without having to download anything Does not require attendees to create a separate account if one is provided for themGood for barebones presentations that do not require additional tools (polling, instant messenger)

How SlideShare can benefit Oracle PRInternal training meetings with HQ teamsProduct launches and demos with media and bloggersGlobal PR team meetings