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SES3330 literature searching for research projects and literature reviews 2015

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Text of SES3330 literature searching for research projects and literature reviews 2015

Literature searching for your dissertation

Literature searching for Research Projects / Literature ReviewsBSc Sport & Exercise Rehabilitation October 2015


TodayRefresh and review literature searching strategies and sources

Full text and citation searching

What would you like to cover?Presentation title| 2

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Starting your searchThink about:

Areas of interest


Scope of subject

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KeywordsBrainstorm it will save you time later!

Searching one word for your concept will not necessarily bring you all the results! And sometimes none. Not everyone uses the same terminology for one idea.

Can use the worksheet if you like (also helps you organise how to combine the terms with AND or OR)

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Is stretching effective in preventing or reducing muscle soreness after exercise?

Specific types Specific groups of athletes



Level elite etc?

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Breaking down concepts, similar terms, narrower terms. The narrower terms come in useful if you are inundated with results. What are my 3 concepts? Where are the synonyms? Where are narrower terms? 5

Where to search?

Search for phrases (): eg. anterior cruciate ligament

Broaden your search (*): eg. swim* (finds swim, swimmer, swimmers, swimming etc)

Search tips

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Widen your search eg. Strapping OR taping OR bracing

Narrow your search eg. Rehabilitation AND Ankle

Search tips

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Getting full text of journal articlesRegardless of where youre searchingbe logged into myUniHub and click on a My Library/My Study link first

If youre not lucky REMEMBER it wont always be directly available to you especially for dissertationsDouble-check (library catalogue/Summon)Google ScholarAuthors & institutions websitesResearcher networks (e.g. ResearchGate), contacting authorsInter-Library Loans

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Citation indexesWhich articles have cited an earlier articleFind articles on similar/related subjectHow many times an article has been citedBest journals in your field

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Which articles have cited an earlier article ie. Way of looking forward in the literature-if have found excellent article, can use a citation index to see which articles have subsequently cited it Find articles on similar/related subjects: Citation implies subject relationship, so can find papers on a similar topic without using any keywords or subject termsFind out how many times a paper has been cited ie. gauge the usefulness/quality. esteem of a paperDetermine which are the best journals in your field: citation data used to rank journals within particular subject areas..useful way of seeing how journals perform in relation to others in the same subject area


Citation searchingAllows you to move forwards and backwards in the literatureUse Google Scholar, Summon or Science Citation Index

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Using reference lists too.11

Science Citation Index

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Citation data and journal citation reports available from Web of Science (Knowledge).

Have a look on Web of Science:

Citation infoJournal Citation Reports12

Need help?

Librarians in the Study Hub (1st floor of Sheppard Library) 9-5 Mon-FriAsk a Librarian SES Library Subject Guide Jos contact details and presentations/helpsheets

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Mention that they can make appointments through LibGuide13

Getting Full text of journal articles14Troubleshooting guide can be found here

If youre not lucky REMEMBER it wont always be directly available to you especially for the dissertationDouble check the library catalogue by copying journal name into the journal search. If we have it therell be a record and a link with the dates we have access to.Go to Google Scholar and look for PDF signsSearch for Authors website/institutions repository, often they have uploaded a pre-publication versionResearchGate, Academia.eduEmailing authorsOrder a copy via the inter-library loan service (youll be emailed with a link to a PDF) (3.00 added to your library account)

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