Sec 3 Meet-Parents-Session : Principal's Briefing 26 May 2012

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Text of Sec 3 Meet-Parents-Session : Principal's Briefing 26 May 2012


2. Our Brand of Education Our Mission Empowering Lives, Transforming our FutureWe empower Teck Whyeans to create opportunities forthemselves and others in the future by equipping themwith the 21st century values, skills and knowledge. We help them discover their passion and purpose in life and develop strength ofcharacter to succeed despite challenges 3. Our Brand of Education Our Vision A Community of Future-ready Learners Who Lead, Serve and Achieve Through a culture ofcollaboration, a mindset ofexcellence and a spirit of lifelong learning, we aspire to be a community of Teck Whyeans ready for the future,as we lead with conviction,serve with compassion and achieve with confidence. 4. The New Paper, July 21, 2011 5. School Theme2011 - 2012R + I + S = E Resilience: Always trying; not giving up when faced with challenges Integrity: Knowing and doing what is right Synergy: Working as a team; respecting different perspectives, strengths and talents Excellence: A journey of continuous improvement as well as a destination of achievements 6. Student performance: GCE N-Level Examination 2011 PassesDistinctionsBetter/Equal N(A): 8 subjects N(A): 5 subjectsNational (EL, Maths, Science, (EL, Maths, Science,AverageMTL, D&T, F&N) MTL, D&T, F&N) N(T): 8 subjects N(T): 5 subjects (EL, MTL, CPA, EBS,(EL, MTL, CPA, EBS, D&T, FS) D&T, FS)Better/Equal N(A): 5 subjects N(A): 2 subjects2010performanceN(T): 7 Subjects N(T): 7 Subjects 7. Student performance:GCE N-Level Examination 2011 4N(A) Top Students Poh Jia Hui (4E): 5 Grade 1s Lee Yi Ling (4G): 5 distinctions Sean Lim En Wei (4F): 5 distinctions Lee Wei Ping Joyce (4G): 4 distinctions Chua Ee Ting (4E): 4 distinctions Jolin Pek Si Min (4E): 4 distinctions 8. Student performance: GCE N-Level Examination 2011 4N(T) Top Students Chiang Jun Ming (4I): 4 As, 1 B, Grade 2 forN(A) Maths Tan Shi Hui (4I): 4 As, 1 B Carine Ng Jia Yin (4I): 4 As 9. Student performance: GCE O-Level Examination 2011PassesDistinctionsBetter/Equal 4 Exp: 7 subjects4 Exp: 5 subjectsNational (Science, D&T, F&N, (MTL, D&T, F&N)Average MTL)5NA: 9 subjects 5NA: 4 subjects(Science, Maths, A(CH, TL, D&T, F&N) Maths, CH, MTL, Art,D&T, F&N)Better/Equal 4 Exp: 10 subjects 4 Exp: 7 subjects2010performance 5NA: 8 subjects 5NA: 7 subjects 10. Student performance:GCE O-Level Examination 2011 4 Express Top Students Elaine Tan Hui Zhi (4A): 6 distinctions Lee Feifei (4B): 6 distinctions Fuh Ling Huey (4B): 6 distinctions Lim Yun Zhen Stella (4B): 5 distinctions Soo Guan Roo (4B): 5 distinctions Wang Shi Wen Celine (4B): 5 distinctions Neo Shi Yi (4B): 5 distinctions Ng Jia Lam Sherman (4B): 5 distinctions 11. Student performance:GCE O-Level Examination 2011 5 N(A) Top Students Tan Yan You (5A): 5 distinctions Wong Yong-Zhi Erwin (5A): 5 distinctions Muhammad Hanifa (5B): 4 distinctions Eric Peh Zheng Wei (5B): 4 distinctions Liang Jingjing (5A): 4 distinctions 12. Student performance:GCE O-Level Examination 2011 L1B5 aggregate (4 Express) L1B4 aggregate (5N) Positivevalue-add! Positivevalue-add!200920102011 200920102011 TWSSExpected TWSSExpected 13. Value-addedResults since 2010 2010: Achievement Award(Academic Value-added) for1st time in Band 5 of2009 4 Exp Results School Achievement Tablefor Normal Course! 2011: Achievement Award2011: Achievement Award(Academic Value-added) for (Academic Value-added) for2010 4 Exp Results 2010 5 N(A) Results 2012: Achievement Award2012: Achievement Award(Academic Value-added) for (Academic Value-added) for2011 4 Exp Results 2011 5 N(A) Results 14. HockeyFloorballArchery20082008 20111st Sustained Achievement B Boys: 1st B Girls: 3rd B Girls: 1stC Girls: 1st, C Boys: 4th C Girls: 1st B Boys: 2ndAward (Sports)20092009 C Girls: 1stfor outstanding achievements in B Girls: 2ndB Girls: 4th C Boys: 2ndHockey & Floorball from 2007 - 2009 C Girls: 3rd, C Boys: 2nd 2010 20122010B Girls: 2nd OngoingB Girls: 1stC Girls: 3rd 2nd Sustained AchievementC Girls: 1st20112011B Girls: 1st Award (Sports) B Girls: 1st, B Boys: 2nd C Girls: 4thfor outstanding achievements in C Girls: 2nd2012Hockey & Floorball from 2008 - 2010 2012B Girls: 2ndB Girls: 1stC Div:C Div: ongoingongoing 3rd Sustained Achievement Award (Sports)for outstanding achievements inHockey & Floorball from 2009 - 2011 15. School Focus 2011 - 2012 See and make connections between subjects,activities, programmes and real life to makelearning meaningful and enjoyable Work with teachers and with one another toachieve and excel 16. Mdm Grace TanWinner of the Inspiring ChineseLanguage Teacher Award 2012 ( )Mrs Shirley TeoWinner of theInspiring Teacher ofEnglish Award 2011Winners of the 2012 Caring Teacher Awards(school level) 17. The TWSS Team Mrs Shirley TeoMr Alwin Njoo Mrs Soh Siow TinMr Gideon Yong Mr Michael TanDean (Curriculum) HOD Science School StaffVice Principal 1 Vice Principal 2HOD EL DeveloperMdm Tong Wee Mrs Vena Foo Ms Deborah TanMr Kelvin CheokMr Ng Chor Tan HengHOD Humanities HOD Pupil HOD PupilHOD PE & CCA HOD Maths Development Management 18. The TWSS Team Ms Tan Pin Yin Mr Krishnamoorthy Mdm Nurulazmi Mrs Rizal Mr YusmanHOD MTLSH TLManan, SH MLHOD ICTIthnin, SH ICTMr Alvin TayMr RahmatMs Shafillah Mr Aidil Sharil Ms Ng Shu WenHOD Art & DesignHassanBegumSH PE/CCA LH Science SH AestheticsSH F&N 19. The TWSS Team Ms Elodie Sng Mdm Lim Bee Mdm Lye EngMdm Mary KatruMrs Ong LeeSH/Social Studies Buat Senior Tr CL Senior Tr Maths Choo Senior Tr EL Senior Tr F&NMs Safiah Ms CharleneMr Mark Mr Dave Goh Mr Alan Mr Tan BoonRais YangBrosasAdmin Mgr 1 Wong Peng LH ELCounsellorCounsellor Admin Mgr 2Ops Mgr 20. The TWSS Sec 3 TeamAng WeiqiTeo Yen Peng Stephanie Ong Lai Yin Fong Amal HayatiFT 3A FT 3A FT 3B FT 3CFT 3CTrevor LeeMohamedChrystal Tan Lilian LiFT 3DFT 3DFT 3EFT 3E 21. The TWSS Sec 3 TeamFong Peng Li SumarniIdayu Low Jingxian FT 3FFT 3F FT 3GFT 3GSheryl Chong Ong Min Sing FT 3HFT 3H 22. The Post-SecondaryEducation LandscapeUniversityDegreeJunior College (2 yrs) orPolytechnic Institute of TechnicalCentralised Institute(3 yrs)Education (1 - 2 yrs) (3 yrs)GCE A-Levels DiplomaNitec/Higher Nitec(DSA) (DSA)GCE O-Level Examination Sec 5N GCE N-Level ExaminationSpecial/Express Normal (Academic) / Normal (Technical) Course (Sec 1 4) Course (Sec 1 4) 23. Flexibility for N(A) students There are manyopportunities to go to poly from ITENew pathways topolytechnic 24. Direct Entry to Higher Nitec for N(A) students 25. Direct Entry to Higher NitecA high % of graduates obtained employment within 3 months fromgraduation or completion of full-time NS, with mean salary of $1,400(ITE 2009 Graduate Employment Survey)Higher Nitec CourseEmployment Mean GrossRateSalaryBiotechnology 81%$1,490Paramedic & Emergency Care94%$1,870 Business Studies (Sport 100% $1,510Management) Electronics Engineering 89%$1,500 Information Technology89%$1,430Electrical Engineering 91%$1,460Mechanical Engineering 87%$1,480 26. Pupils AspirationsJCPoly ITEOthers (%) (%)(%)(%)3 Exp32.4 66.501.23 N(A) 5.485.1 6.8 2.73 N(T) 0.017.6 76.55.9 27. Are they ready fortheir future?(1 = Strongly Disagree; 4: Strongly Agree) 3EXP 3NA3NTI am aware of my abilities and interests.3.04 2.93 3.09I am aware of the kinds of careerswhich can match my interests and 2.91 2.93 2.97needs.I know what careers are available in my 2.86 2.88 2.94interest and ability areas.I know the entry requirements for the 2.79 2.73 2.91careers that I am interested in.I am able to make decisions about my 2.84 2.77 3.15future career.I know how to prepare for careers in 2.87 2.83 3.12which I am interested. 28. Entering a Junior College/MI Entry criteria:L1-R5 (JC) L1-R4 (MI) First 5 Relevant 4 Relevant Language subjects subjectsEL/Higher3 subjects:2 subjects:MTLHumanities/Humanities/ Mathematics/ Mathematics/ ScienceScience2 other subjects 2 other subjects(except CCA) (except CCA) 29. Entering JC/MI 2011 Cut-off Points for some JCsJCArtsScienceAnderson 10 8 Innova2020 Jurong1415 Pioneer 1616 Average subject grade: A2 to B3 30. Entering a polytechnic Entry criteria: EL-R2-B2 EnglishGroup 1 of relevant Group 2Language subjects (R1) (R2)Compulsory Humanities / Media (A):(A) & (B): Art, 2 Best Art, Combined D&T, F&N, Humanities Maths, CH,subjectsBusiness/ Science /POA 2 other Engineering courses (B/C/D):subjects(C) & (D): D&T, E Maths or A Maths Science, F&N(except CCA) 31. Entering a polytechnic 2011 Cut-off Points for some courses NP: Biomedical Science 9 NP: Accountancy 11 NP: Aerospace Technology 12 NP: Child Psychology & Early Childhood 11 SP: Biotechnology 10 SP: Business Admin 12 SP: Media & Communication 12 Average subject grade: A2 to B3 32. Entering ITE Higher Nitec Entry criteria (O-level results):EL-B4 or EL-R1-B3 or EL-R2-B2ELR1R2 CompulsoryE Maths, A R1: E Maths or A MathsMaths or POAR2: Science or D&TB4 B3 B2Any subjectAny subjectAny subject (except CCA) (except CCA) (except CCA) 33. Progressing to 5N(A) &Direct Entry to Higher Nitec Entry criteria (N-level results): EL-Maths-B3 19EL Best 3 subjects Compulsory Any N-level subjectMaths(CCA excluded) Compulsory * Direct Entry to Polytechnic (Poly FoundationProgramme): EL-Maths-B3 11 (see 34. ITE Direct Entryto Higher Nitec Higher Nitec Cut-off Points 2010 (N-levelEMB3) Hospitality: 14 Leisure/Travel: 15 Business Studies: 15 Mechatronics/ IT: 18 Electrical Engineering: 19 35. N(A) Entry to Nitec 3 N-level passes, including EL and Maths Cut-off points 2010 Aerospace: 4 Baking/Food Studies: 6 7 Fitness/Service: 9 Digital animation: 10 ICT: 12 36. Sec 3 Mid-year Results Class Subject Analysis ClassStrongest Subjects Weakest Subjects3AMaths, Biology, CH EL, A Maths, Chemistry3B Science, D&T/F&N, ML EL, A Maths, Maths, CL3C Science,