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For the front cover one of the changes that was made was that I added on about the posters that were mentioned on the contents page. I placed it on the bottom of the magazine because it is then with the other sell lines on the magazine. Also some people buy magazines if there is a poster of their favourite singers to put on their wall. Another change that was made to the front cover was putting coloured boxes behind the sell lines. By doing this it makes them clear to read because they are placed on top of a solid colour background and not over the main image. Another change that was made to my front cover was the font used for the sell lines. I changed this so that it would be easier to read over the main image and in the boxes as it is a bolder font. The final change that I made to magazine was by putting autumn leaves around the autumn sell line. I did this by using the paint brush on Photoshop, I was also going to add a union jack behind the best of the British sell line, but if I were to do this it would have been harder to read the text above.The only change that I made to the contents page was moving one of the information lines onto the picture. This is because the readers might have not known why the image was there as it wasnt fully clear at the start. So I added the title on the border so that it is clear to read because it is on a solid pink background and not the picture. Then to make the page number noticeable I made it double the size of the other numbers on the page, it was also placed in the corner because I didnt want to place it over the main part of the image and also it will be clear to see.One of the main changes I made to the double page spread was to add coloured backgrounds behind the pictures of Amy. I used the two colours of pink and blue because they are the colours that I have used throughout the magazine and in the article. Also as I used paint splats on the contents page I added them onto the double page spread. So on the main image I wanted to add on some paint, so I added the opposite colour onto the image to make it clear to see. Also just like the contents page I added on some paint splats behind the text. I made the majority of them a lighter shade so that the text will still be clear to read. Another change that I made to my magazine was by text wrapping the pull quote. I did this on In Design because it was part of the article. I decided to wrap the text because it is a common thing in pop magazines and I want it to look similar to a pop magazine.