Romanticism Grid Paintings

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Romanticism Grid Paintings

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  • 1. Mary Shelleys Frankenstein- Inspired Grid Paintings

2. Romanticism Romanticism emphasized communicating emotion, especially dark emotions, like fear, apprehension, and terror. Also emphasized creativity and originality as opposed to using conventional ideas of something like fear. Youll have to think outside the box as to how to communicate fear in a novel way. 3. Mary Shelley Author during the Romantic Era She and her husband decided to have a horror story writing competition. During this competition, she dreamt of a scientist who created life in a horrific way. Hence, Frankenstein One of the first true science fiction stories (because the Dr. Frankenstein uses scientific experiments to create something supernatural Dr. Victor Frankenstein! 4. Mary Shelleys Frankenstein AKA The Modern Prometheus In Greek Mythology, Prometheus was the Titan who created man behind Zeuss back. He taught man everything he needed to survive (how to hunt, fish, heal, etc.). Stole fire from Zeus and gave that to man also. As punishment, Zeus fixed Prometheus to the rock of Caucasus (between Europe and Asia) to eternally have an eagle peck out his liver every day (it would re-grow each day because hes immortal). 5. Assignment Choose a person that you already find to be macabre or dark in some way. You will draw this persons face, and the paint it using a tempera batik technique to make them look zombie-ish, like theyve risen from the dead. 6. Macabre 7. Macabre 8. Macabre 9. Macabre 10. Macabre 11. Macabre 12. Macabre 13. Macabre 14. My Example